CANADA – Cermaq Canada has reached an agreement to conduct trials of a salmon feed infused with algal oil from Veramaris at multiple farms in British Columbia.

Algal oil, a pivotal component found in select aquaculture feeds from Cargill, represents a milestone achievement by Veramaris, aimed at diminishing dependence on marine fish oils.

This groundbreaking solution not only tackles sustainability challenges within the industry but also holds the potential to augment the nutritional quality of salmon feed.

Algal oil, a key ingredient in some of Cargill’s aquaculture feeds, was developed by Veramaris with a specific goal: to reduce the reliance on marine fish oils. 

This innovative solution not only addresses the industry’s sustainability concerns but also promises to enhance the nutritional value of the salmon feed.

Testing Veramaris algal oil in our salmon feed is a significant step towards supporting our fish health, product quality, and sustainability goals while reducing our dependence on marine resources. As partners in innovation, the move is the latest benefit of our collaboration with Cargill’s Aqua Nutrition business,” said German Campos of Cermaq Canada in a press release.

Veramaris recently achieved a significant milestone: It completed a rigorous three-year process with Canadian regulators and obtained its first market authorization in March 2024. 

This regulatory approval is a crucial step forward for Canadian aquaculture, affirming the safety and compliance of Veramaris’ ASC-MSC-certified algal oil, which is rich in omega-3 EPA and DHA, essential nutrients for the health of farm-raised salmon and consumers of the resulting seafood.

David Kiemele, Cermaq Canada’s managing director, expressed anticipation for conducting sea trials and further understanding the integration of Veramaris algal oil into their nutritional strategies. 

Leveraging Cermaq’s prior experience with Veramaris algal oil, they aim to explore this alternative to marine fish oils. 

Kiemele highlighted the company’s pride in being among the first in Canada to embrace such innovative solutions, demonstrating the aquaculture industry’s rapid adoption of new techniques.

The feeding period will begin in May and focus on introducing the new feed to salmon close to harvest size.

Cargill is excited to collaborate with our valued partners Cermaq and Veramaris to introduce a new novel ingredient in the Canadian aquaculture market,” said Isaac Yun, country director at Cargill Aqua Nutrition.

Veramaris notes that its algal oil is produced in Blair, Nebraska, and offers a regional solution to North American aquaculture producers who are seeking more sustainable, alternative sources of omega-3.

Farmers in Chile, Norway, and Ecuador have been successfully using Veramaris natural marine algal oil in their feed for years now. With the recent registration in Canada, we are pleased to see farmers adopting it in salmon feed there,” said Jorge Torres Lagreze, business development Americas at Veramaris.

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