RUSSIA – Cherkizovo Group, Russia’s premier meat producer, has finalized the acquisition of Venta-Oil, a prominent feed mill and grain elevator operator situated in the Orenburg region. 

The strategic acquisition is aimed at fortifying feed supplies to the company’s pig facilities located within the region, marking a significant step in Cherkizovo’s expansion efforts.

Under the terms of the agreement, AIC Mikhailovsky, a subsidiary of Cherkizovo Group, has secured full ownership of Venta-Oil. 

The acquired facility encompasses a modernized feed production unit with an annual capacity poised to reach 50,000 metric tons post-upgrade. 

Additionally, the facility features a grain elevator boasting a storage capacity of 54,000 metric tons, along with essential infrastructure such as silo structures and warehouses for finished products. 

Notably, the facility is equipped with two grain dryers capable of processing 80 metric tons per hour, alongside a certified laboratory.

Employing over 70 individuals, Venta-Oil has established itself as a vital player in the region’s agricultural landscape, contributing significantly to feed production and grain storage.

Cherkizovo Group’s presence in the Orenburg Region dates back to 2022, marked by the establishment of Vishnevsky Genetics and Breeding Center.

This center plays a pivotal role in pig breeding operations across sites with a collective capacity exceeding 250,000 heads annually. 

With the acquisition of Venta-Oil, Cherkizovo aims to fortify biosecurity measures and ensure the provision of top-tier animal feeds to its various sites within the region.

Anastasia Mikhailova, Head of Communications at Cherkizovo Group, emphasized the company’s commitment to reinforcing vertical integration through strategic initiatives like the Venta-Oil acquisition. 

Cherkizovo continues to invest in the Orenburg Region, as it sees favorable conditions for business development. The new asset is a state-of-the-art feed production facility that will create good synergies with the other sites the company owns in the region,” Anastasia Mikhailova commented. 

Cherkizovo Group stands as one of Russia’s foremost animal feed producers, having produced 2.9 million metric tons of feed in 2023 alone, reflecting a notable 21% year-on-year increase. 

The vast majority of this feed is channeled to Cherkizovo-owned poultry and pig farming facilities, underscoring the company’s pivotal role in supporting Russia’s thriving agricultural sector.

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