NETHERLANDS-  Corbion, a leading ingredient supplier, has unveiled a groundbreaking algae-based ingredient, AlgaPrime™ DHA P3, in response to the increasing demand for Omega 3 fatty acids in companion animal nutrition. 

Earlier this year, Corbion announced plans to launch this product in pet nutrition following successful utilization in aquaculture and demand for premium ingredients in the pet food industry.

This innovative microalgae ingredient is produced through precision fermentation, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional marine-based sources like fish oil, which is facing challenges due to supply-demand dynamics and environmental concerns.

The global fish oil market is grappling with a delicate balance between supply and demand, aggravated by the cancellation of Peru’s first anchovy season and the strain on the supply of wild Alaskan salmon oil, a primary source for pet supplement products.

Consequently, ingredient suppliers are seeking environmentally responsible alternatives to fulfill the nutritional needs of pets while minimizing their ecological footprint.

According to Euromonitor International, a staggering 70% of pet owners worldwide are concerned about both the nutrition of their pets and the impact of their choices on climate change.

Addressing these concerns, Corbion’s AlgaPrime™ DHA P3 offers a sustainable, high-quality solution that aligns with consumers’ growing awareness of environmental issues.

The launch of AlgaPrime™ DHA P3 furthers Corbion’s mission to preserve what matters by offering sustainable ingredients for healthier people, pets, and the planet,” stated Tim Rutten, Vice President at Corbion Algae Ingredients. “We believe this breakthrough ingredient will play a crucial role in meeting the growing need for better nutrition and more sustainable solutions, delivering value across the pet industry.

This algae-based ingredient sets a new industry standard by offering the highest levels of DHA in biomass powder form currently available on the market, boasting an impressive 35% DHA content.

The ingredient’s versatile matrix, including a natural antioxidant system, stabilizes the fermented ingredient, making it suitable for dry, wet, and injection-molded pet food, treats, and supplements.

The production process for AlgaPrime™ DHA P3 involves cultivating Omega 3-rich algae from cane sugars in closed fermentation tanks. This meticulous process allows Corbion to maintain control over stability and palatability while advancing sustainability efforts.

Furthermore, it enables the company to meet claims for vegan products, catering to a broader spectrum of consumer preferences.

Corbion’s AlgaPrime™ DHA P3 stands as a testament to the company’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and meeting the evolving needs of both pets and their owners.

With this groundbreaking algae-based ingredient, Corbion is driving a positive change in the pet nutrition landscape, offering a promising future for the industry while upholding environmental responsibility.