USA – In collaboration with the United Soybean Board, Cross Plains Solutions has unveiled SoyFoam TF 1122, a groundbreaking firefighting foam that is the first to achieve GreenScreen Certified Gold status. 

This certification underscores SoyFoam’s status as a safer alternative to traditional firefighting foams. 

It is devoid of harmful PFAS chemicals while offering significant environmental and health benefits.

According to Pat Mullolly, Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board’s president, efforts to develop SoyFoam started in October 2022. Since then, Cross Plains Solutions in Dalton, Georgia, has worked with the United Soybean Board to create and produce this firefighting foam for the mass market.

Derived from soy flour, SoyFoam TF 1122 is entirely free of intentionally added PFAS chemicals, making it a pioneering solution in the firefighting industry. 

This eco-friendly product enhances safety for firefighters by reducing exposure to carcinogens and aligns with sustainable agricultural practices.

Steve Reinhard, an Ohio farmer and chair of the United Soybean Board, emphasized the dual benefits of SoyFoam for both firefighters and soybean farmers. With over 23 years of experience as a volunteer firefighter, Reinhard highlighted the critical role SoyFoam plays in protecting firefighters, a testament to their safety and well-being.

One of our main priorities on behalf of the half-million U.S. soybean farmers is to create biobased alternatives safer for people and our environment,” he commented. 

The development of SoyFoam prioritizes the health and safety of over one million U.S. firefighters and contributes to the expansion of sustainable agricultural practices. 

Currently produced at Cross Plains Solutions’ manufacturing plant in Georgia, SoyFoam is poised for nationwide distribution to fire departments.

The introduction of SoyFoam is particularly timely as concerns regarding PFAS pollutants escalate. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has identified widespread PFAS contamination, which is linked to severe health issues such as cancer and thyroid dysfunction. 

By adopting biobased products like SoyFoam, fire departments can significantly mitigate their environmental impact, offering a hopeful solution to these pressing environmental concerns.

In celebration of International Firefighters’ Day on May 4, the soy checkoff urges local farmers to advocate for adopting SoyFoam in their community’s fire departments.

This initiative promotes firefighters’ health and safety and underscores the commitment to sustainability in local ecosystems.

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