EUROPE-  Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health recently announced that its phytase enzyme, Axtra PHY GOLD, has received regulatory approvals for use in poultry and swine feed.

A subsidiary of US multinational food ingredients supplier IFF, Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health has over 20 years of leadership in phytase development and production. 

The company first entered the market in 2001 with a fungal phytase known as Phyzyme, followed by the first commercially available E. coli phytase – Phyzyme XP – in 2003. 

Since then, Danisco has continued to raise the bar in formulation technology and results, most notably the pioneering thermostability of Phytase XP TPT in 2007, the groundbreaking bio-efficiency of Axtra PHY in 2013, and the improved performance of Axtra PHY GOLD in 2020.

According to Danisco, Axtra PHY GOLD is a highly bio-efficacious phytase that breaks down phytate in grains and other commonly used ingredients which would otherwise interfere with digestion and animal performance. 

This advanced mode of action improves the release and subsequent uptake of phosphorus, calcium, energy, and amino acids, reducing the antinutritional effects of phytate and delivering feed cost savings.

We are delighted that Axtra PHY GOLD has been formally certified as safe and effective for use in swine and poultry diets in this key market,” said Hamish Irving, global marketing director for Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health. 

Axtra PHY GOLD is already available in the U.S., Latin America, and Asia Pacific, and will now be sold in the EU.

It means we can now respond to the needs of producers in the EU with a proven feed solution that not only supports their commercial goals but is at the forefront of more sustainable animal production,” Irving added. 

As the industry moves away from the traditional use of inorganic phosphates (IP) due to concerns about environmental impact and fluctuations in price and availability, producers need effective solutions that will not compromise performance or compromise animal welfare. 

According to Danisco, Axtra PHY GOLD plays a vital role in this shift towards more sustainable nutritional strategies by making the total replacement of inorganic phosphates a viable possibility.

At Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health, we are committed to innovating to develop better solutions for animal producers. Axtra PHY GOLD is a testament to this commitment and reinforces our leadership in phytase enzymes, bringing a modern, more advanced offering to the global animal nutrition industry,” said Irving.

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