DENMARK- Biosolutions provider, Novozymes, has launched Novamyl BestBite, a new enzyme aimed at improving baked products’ texture and shelf life, reducing food waste, and limiting the use of added sugar in bread. 

This product has been in development for the last three years and is the latest addition to the Novamyl range, which targets food waste reduction in baking processes. 

According to Adam Diggle, business unit director for Baking at Novozymes, 20-30% of the bread produced is not consumed and instead ends up wasted when it becomes stale. 

Diggle holds that Novamyl BestBite builds on the success of its predecessors and is a “robust solution that is easy to apply in formulations and recipes, has no negative effects on the dough properties, and allows for effortless dosing.”

This solution produces bread with great texture for improved sliceability, which is a challenge for many bakers while maintaining the softness of the baked products, resulting in a “soft yet resilient bite.

This enzyme ensures that baked products remain soft during their shelf-life, thus maintaining the desired quality. 

With Novamyl BestBite, we have prolonged the natural texture in baked goods, making products remain fresher for much longer. Consumers liked bread that was 15 days old as much as day one,” Diggle comments. 

By keeping products on the shelf longer and maintaining their attractiveness to the consumer, chances of food wastage reduce. 

Additionally, there is an opportunity to lower recipe costs, particularly in sugar-rich recipes. According to Novozymes, the new biosolution reduces between 50% to 75% of added sugar without changing the taste of bread. It also works in lower pH dough conditions.

Recipes with sourdough, such as rye bread, require lower pH to prolong the shelf life without mold. Bakers can therefore use this new enzyme successfully for these products. 

With each addition to the Novamyl family, we address a concern or demand in the market while continuing to combat food waste. By focusing on texture and maintaining a soft, fluffy, and resilient eating experience throughout shelf life, we have been able to target a new area in the market,” Diggle notes. 

Novozymes provides that their goal is sustainability and positively impacting climate by reducing food waste in baking, and this new enzyme advances that goal. 

Meanwhile, Novozymes delivered impressive quarter-one results with a 5% growth in organic sales, supported by underlying volume growth and strong pricing. 

The solid Q1 results confirm our confidence in the sales growth outlook of 4-7% for the year. We are delivering on our strategy by capitalizing on our broad portfolio of sustainable solutions and diverse end-market exposure in more than 30 different industries,” says Ester Baiget, President & CEO. 

The company also expects its approved merger with Chr. Hansen to contribute to even more growth in the future.

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