NETHERLANDS- Dawn Foods, a global bakery manufacturer and ingredient supplier, has finalized its acquisition of Royal Steensma, a prominent family-owned bakery ingredients manufacturing company based in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. 

The acquisition, which closed on January 31, represents a significant milestone for Dawn Foods in expanding its product portfolio and manufacturing capabilities to better serve its customers globally.

Royal Steensma offers a wide range of bakery products, specializing in fat-based coatings, almond and confectionery pastes, bakery mixes, fruit fillings, as well as infused, candied fruits, and decorations. 

With four manufacturing plants in the Netherlands and an additional facility in Thailand, the acquisition strengthens Dawn Foods’ global presence in the bakery ingredients market.

Carrie Jones-Barber, the CEO of Dawn Foods, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, emphasizing the potential for knowledge exchange and improved product distribution capabilities. 

She stated, “The expansion of our manufacturing capabilities and product portfolio further strengthens our mission to provide customers with bakery solutions that truly inspire and help them achieve their business goals.”

Royal Steensma, with a rich history spanning nearly 185 years, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Dawn Foods. Alfred Bruin, the owner of Royal Steensma, cited Dawn’s century-long bakery expertise, commitment to company values, and dedication to stakeholders as key factors in the decision to collaborate. 

He expressed confidence in Dawn’s ability to maintain the core of the family business while also discovering new opportunities for growth and innovation.

The acquisition comes amid Dawn Foods’ continued focus on bakery innovation. Last year, the company introduced a range of fat-based Delicream cocoa fillings and Dawn Balance Vegan Sponge Cake Mix, catering to evolving consumer preferences for plant-based options. 

Additionally, Dawn Foods expanded its Pak Perfect Non-Sticky range with the introduction of Dawn Exceptional Pak Perfect Non-Sticky Icing, a patent-pending solution designed to ensure perfectly iced bakery items, even during packaging.

As Dawn Foods integrates Royal Steensma into its operations, both companies are poised to leverage their combined strengths to drive further growth and innovation in the bakery ingredients market. 

The acquisition underscores Dawn Foods’ commitment to delivering high-quality bakery solutions while embracing new opportunities for expansion and differentiation in the global marketplace.

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