JAPAN – DSM-Firmenich and Meiji Holdings Co. Ltd. have inked a memorandum of understanding to introduce Bovaer feed additive to Japan to enhance the sustainability of dairy farming 

This collaboration marks a significant step towards mitigating methane emissions, a key contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the agricultural sector.

Bovaer, a scientifically proven solution developed after a decade-long endeavor, has garnered international acclaim for its efficacy in reducing methane emissions from livestock. 

With Japan’s recent commitment to the Global Methane Pledge, aiming for a 30% reduction in absolute methane emissions by 2030, implementing Bovaer is a critical strategy to achieve this ambitious goal.

Methane, predominantly generated in cows’ digestive tracts and released through burping, poses a significant environmental challenge. 

By integrating Bovaer into feed regimens, dairy, and beef cattle farmers can anticipate a substantial reduction in methane emissions—approximately 30% for dairy and 45% for beef feedlot cattle. 

This reduction aligns with Japan’s sustainability objectives and underscores a commitment to responsible agricultural practices.

Mark van Nieuwland, Vice President of Bovaer at DSM-Firmenich, expressed enthusiasm for expanding Bovaer’s reach into Asia and applauded the collaboration with Meiji HD. 

The introduction of Bovaer in the Japanese dairy sector, particularly within the Meiji HD supply chain, holds immense promise,” stated van Nieuwland. “We are eager to commence preparatory efforts while awaiting local market authorization, laying the groundwork for a sustainable dairy future in Japan.”

DSM-Firmenich’s ambitious target of reducing 100,000 tons of CO2e through Bovaer underscores the additive’s potential as a game-changer in methane emissions mitigation. 

Backed by extensive research, including 45 farm trials across four continents and support from 48 peer-reviewed scientific articles, Bovaer has emerged as a frontrunner in sustainable farming practices.

The adoption of Bovaer extends beyond Japan, with prominent entities such as Norrmejerier in Sweden, COVAP in Spain, Arla Foods, the Bel Group, and others embracing the innovative solution. 

With regulatory authorities reviewing Bovaer’s application for registration in Japan, stakeholders eagerly anticipate its integration into the nation’s dairy landscape.

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