NETHERLANDS – DSM-Firmenich, a global leader in animal health solutions, has forged a strategic partnership with Deloitte to tackle the pressing need for environmental accountability within the animal protein value chain. 

This collaboration aims to leverage DSM-Firmenich’s cutting-edge life cycle assessment (LCA) platform, Sustell, alongside Deloitte’s consulting expertise to drive sustainable practices across the agri-food sector.

By combining the analytical power of Sustell with Deloitte’s global consultancy network, the partnership seeks to empower stakeholders to embrace environmentally responsible practices. 

Joint initiatives will facilitate a seamless exchange of sustainability data and insights among stakeholders, fostering constructive dialogue and bridging knowledge gaps in sustainable animal protein production.

Commenting on the collaboration, David Nickell, Vice President of Sustainability and Business Solutions at DSM-Firmenich, Animal Nutrition & Health, highlighted its transformative potential. 

Our partnership with Deloitte represents a pivotal milestone in our journey to unlock sustainability-related opportunities that promise to transform the animal protein value chain,” he affirmed. “Deloitte’s global influence and cross-industry reach will amplify our efforts, enabling us to drive meaningful and lasting change.”

Jorg Schalekamp, Partner at Deloitte, echoed Nickell’s sentiments, highlighting the significance of DSM-Firmenich’s Sustell platform in promoting environmental accountability. 

Schalekamp emphasized Deloitte’s commitment to driving the adoption of solutions like Sustell across the entire supply chain, from feed to farm to fork.

This partnership comes at a critical time as sustainable development is increasingly recognized worldwide in light of climate change and environmental concerns. Initiatives like this offer immense promise in steering the agrifood industry towards a greener, more resilient future.

DSM-Firmenich unveils new plant 

In a separate development, DSM-Firmenich has inaugurated a pilot plant in Plainsboro, New Jersey, to collaborate with food and beverage brands in producing and scaling innovative products. 

The facility, part of the company’s taste, texture, and health business unit, will focus on a wide range of beverages and dairy/plant-based products.

 “This new facility will help us deliver on our ambition to bring progress to life by enabling our customers to make even more innovative foods and beverages that are delicious, nutritious, and sustainable,” said Maurizio Clementi, executive vice president for taste, texture, and health at DSM-Firmenich. 

The facility is located adjacent to the company’s development labs as well as its consumer sensory lab and focus group room. There also is a conference room with a view of the facility.

Our fully equipped pilot plant is a powerful next step in our vision for our taste, texture, and health North American headquarters, allowing us to partner even more impactfully with customers to create the next generation of consumer food and beverage experiences that are good for people and the planet.”

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