NETHERLANDS – DSM-Firmenich, in collaboration with its alliance partner Novonesis, has garnered regulatory approval from the European Union for their cutting-edge poultry feed protease, ProAct 360. 

The approval marks a pivotal moment, offering European poultry producers access to advanced enzyme technology poised to redefine feed efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.

ProAct 360, hailed as the only second-generation protease designed explicitly for the feed industry, has already made waves in Latin America since its launch in June 2021 and in the United States since November 2022. 

Now, with the green light from EU regulators, ProAct 360 stands ready to revolutionize poultry farming practices across Europe, promising a host of benefits for producers and the industry at large.

Adam Smith, Feed Optimization Marketing and Business Development Manager at DSM-Firmenich Animal Nutrition & Health expressed enthusiasm about the EU approval, emphasizing its potential impact on the region’s poultry sector. 

The approval underscores the commitment of the DSM-Firmenich and Novonesis alliance to delivering sustainable, value-adding solutions for the global feed and animal protein industry,” Smith stated.

The EU approval comes at a critical juncture for poultry producers grappling with various challenges outlined in a recent Rabobank report. 

While the global poultry market is forecasted to rebound after a sluggish second half of 2023, geopolitical tensions pose distribution challenges. 

European producers face additional hurdles such as fluctuating ingredient prices, evolving genetic requirements, and heightened demands for sustainability and animal welfare.

DSM-Firmenich and Novonesis assert that effective protein management is paramount in overcoming these challenges. 

ProAct 360, with its advanced enzymatic capabilities, accelerates protein breakdown across diverse feed ingredients, enhances amino acid digestibility, and degrades anti-nutritional factors, ensuring consistency of response and maximizing returns on investment.

Furthermore, ProAct 360 facilitates the formulation of lower-protein diets by boosting protein absorption efficiency in the small intestine, thereby reducing reliance on soybean meal and lessening the environmental footprint of poultry production. 

This innovation aligns with the industry’s sustainability objectives while promoting improved intestinal health and animal welfare.

Beyond its enzymatic prowess, ProAct 360 offers a suite of digital services to empower poultry operations with actionable insights. From raw material analysis to a sustainability calculator, these digital tools enable informed decision-making, driving efficiency and transparency across the production chain.

DSM-Firmenich’s collaboration with agricultural cooperative Agrifirm introduces a pioneering poultry farming data platform, leveraging DSM-Firmenich’s Sustell life cycle assessment (LCA) model and Agrifirm’s Poultry Next platform. 

This integration aims to enhance sustainability and profitability by harnessing real-time data to optimize production practices and unlock new market opportunities.

Dr. David Nickell, VP of Sustainability & Business Solutions at DSM-Firmenich, highlighted the transformative potential of the pilot project, emphasizing its role in advancing transparency and efficiency in animal protein production. 

By translating feed and farm data into sustainability insights, this initiative not only reduces environmental footprints but also identifies efficiency gains that drive profitability,” Dr. Nickell remarked.

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