DUBAI – Dubai is set to embark on a transformative journey in agriculture with the establishment of a vertical hydroponic farm in the heart of its desert landscape, poised for cultivation of rice and wheat.

Spearheaded by Pure Food Technology, a UAE-based sustainable agricultural and food technology startup, this ambitious project aims to revolutionize farming practices and enhance food security in the region.

Located in Jebel Ali Industrial Area, the vertical farm uses innovative techniques to grow vegetable crops without soil. This method involves replacing soil with a nutrient-rich water solution and allowing plant roots to grow in a deep-water culture.

However, Sebastian Carlton, CEO of Pure Food Technology reveals that the vertical farm is not limited to a single crop and can cultivate a diverse range of produce, including rice and wheat.

Carlton expressed confidence in the project’s potential, stating that the system has been specifically developed for the desert, where water resources and abundant sunlight are readily available.

With minimum interference and with the robotics and AI, all you need will be a source of water and solar energy,” he said.

The farm harnesses advanced technologies including artificial intelligence, solar energy, robotics, and innovation-patented techniques to create a controlled environment conducive to plant growth, situated in the Jebel Ali Industrial Area.

Moreover, Pure Food Technology is committed to community welfare, distributing fresh produce from its factory to labor camps, supporting the well-being of workers in the UAE.

Carlton emphasized the necessity of investing in cutting-edge technologies to meet burgeoning food demands.

The only way to feed growing populations is by investing in new technology,” he stated.

This technological breakthrough not only enhances food production but also aligns with the UAE’s vision of sustainability and renewable energy utilization.

Carlton emphasized the farm’s adaptability, enabling cultivation in arid regions without geographic limitations, as is the case with traditional farming.

As we revolutionize agriculture, we must focus on utilizing land without constraints,” “With this system, we can plant anywhere in the desert, utilizing water filtration technology to accommodate various water sources,” he asserted.

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