NIGERIA – The Enugu State government, in collaboration with Ellah Lakes Plc and Adani SCPZ Food Company, has distributed free rice seeds (Faro 44) to over 1,200 farmers at Adarice Farms, Adani, Uzo-Uwani LGA in a move to bolster rice production in Nigeria.

According to partners, the initiative, launched in Enugu, is a key step in achieving the state’s ambitious target of producing 600,000 to one million tonnes of rice annually, revitalizing Enugu’s agricultural heritage, and driving economic growth through modern agricultural practices.

The distribution event was organized through the state Ministry of Agriculture and agro-industrialization, reflecting a strategic effort to enhance agricultural practices and increase yields among local farmers.

During the event, an initial batch of 100 farmers received 25kg of high-quality Faro 44 rice seeds and will participate in a training program focused on sustainable farming and modern planting methods.

Patrick Ubru, the commissioner for agriculture and agro-industrialisation, highlighted the state’s potential for rice cultivation and production.

 “We are working to empower the rice farmers in the state to scale up production and become first-class premium rice producers in the world,” Ubru stated.

He expressed gratitude to Ellah Lakes for their role in empowering the 1,200 farmers in the Adani cluster.

According to him, Governor Peter Mbah’s vision to transform the agricultural sector includes significant investments to boost food production in Enugu State.

 “This is the only source for us to take our economy from 4.4 billion dollars to 30 billion dollars by 2031,” Ubru added.

The partnership with Ellah Lakes PLC marks the beginning of a transformative journey for the Adani rice farm, with plans to revitalize the area’s agricultural assets and ensure rapid commencement of farming activities.

Chuka Mordi, CEO of Ellah Lakes Plc, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, noting that Ellah is delighted to partner with the Enugu state government under our out-growers scheme to empower 1,200 local farmers at Adani.

“This is the first of many partnerships that will enhance the livelihood of the farmers and promote economic prosperity for the state as a whole,” Mordi said.

Together, let us plant the seeds of growth and prosperity in Enugu, in the 1st stage in our development of a 5,000 Hectare Staple Crop Processing Zone in Enugu State,” Mordi added.

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