USA- Equii, a food-tech company specializing in complete protein products, has partnered with the North American division of Bridor, the renowned French premium bakery producer.

This strategic partnership aims to enhance the artisanal bakery industry in North America by incorporating higher protein and improved nutrition into a diverse range of baked goods.

Leveraging their strengths in fermentation technology and manufacturing capabilities, Equii and Bridor are well-positioned to meet the changing consumer preferences and dietary trends in the region. The collaboration will focus on developing protein-rich breads with a health-conscious approach and creating indulgent bakery products.

Starting in spring 2024, Bridor’s wide-ranging customer base in the food service industry throughout North America will be able to enjoy breads that include Equii’s Complete Protein Blend. The initial launch will include artisanal dinner rolls, ciabatta sandwich carriers, and bread loaves, all developed and baked using Equii’s innovative blend.

The partnership aims to redefine consumers’ perceptions of the health and sustainability aspects of bread and baked goods. The initiative focuses on bakery items with higher protein and dietary fiber, as well as a significant 30% to 40% reduction in net carbohydrates, in line with the increasing demand for healthier and more transparent food options.

Claudine Laberge, Vice President of Research and Development for Bridor North America, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Bridor has always deployed tremendous efforts in bringing healthier food for the pleasure of our taste buds, in the full inspiration of traditional bakery, and that’s why we believe so much in the future of our Equii-inside new creations like the ones put on the market today.

Equii, known for its premium baking mixes, will offer its products, and leverage its research and development expertise to improve product development and quality at Bridor’s manufacturing facilities.

The collaboration extends to incorporating several of Equii’s other food service products within the sliced bread category into Bridor’s catalog. It includes their thin-sliced bread available in Classic Wheat and Multi-Grain varieties.

The partnership aligns with Equii and Bridor’s shared goals of promoting sustainable nutrition by making complete protein and plant-based alternatives more accessible in the market.

Baljit Ghotra, co-founder of Equii, emphasized the importance of collaboration, stating, I believe that true innovation flourishes at the intersection of passion, expertise, and collaboration. Our partnership with Bridor is a testament to our shared commitment to reshape the future of bakery, where health and sustainability seamlessly blend.

Meeting the rigorous standards of Bridor’s production workshops, Equii products are expected to offer significant nutritional value and delicious taste for everyday baking needs, contributing to a positive transformation in everyday foods.

The collaboration aims to deliver high-quality products and raise awareness about nutrition and complete protein. It also seeks to educate consumers, promoting informed food choices and enhancing overall consumer value. This ambitious initiative represents a significant advancement toward a healthier and more sustainable future in the baked goods industry.

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