BELGIUM- Evonik, a global leader in specialty chemicals and nutrition, has announced a significant modernization of its Antwerp site to further bolster its business with AgraLi® and blueSulfate®

These ingredients are essential by-products of methionine production primarily utilized as fertilizers. 

The upgrade encompasses the addition of new storage tanks and a cutting-edge, fully automated loading station designed for tank trucks, aiming to optimize the safety and efficiency of the loading process for seamless customer service. 

This modernized infrastructure was officially inaugurated on October 5, in collaboration with local logistics partner Tanktransport Peeters.

Dr. Gaetano Blanda, the head of the Animal Nutrition business line at Evonik, emphasized the alignment of this initiative with their sustainability strategy. 

The fact that we can return nutrient-containing by-products from our methionine production to the natural material cycle fits perfectly into our sustainability strategy,” said Dr. Blanda. 

Given the continuous production of AgraLi® and blueSulfate® year-round but their seasonal marketing, enhancing storage capacity was vital.

In adopting a forward-thinking approach to modernizing its infrastructure, Evonik engaged in a leasing model with Tanktransport Peeters as its trusted partner. The long-standing collaboration with Tanktransport Peeters, which spans over 40 years, further solidified the success of this ambitious project.

The Evonik team and Tanktransport Peeters were the ideal combination to realize this ambitious project,” noted Ivan Pelgrims, managing director of Evonik Antwerp NV.

The initial phase involved replacing existing tanks with two new externally built steel tanks, each weighing a substantial 175 metric tons. The delivery and installation were meticulous processes requiring extensive preparation, showcasing seamless coordination between the project teams in Hanau and Antwerp.

The final and crucial addition was the implementation of a fully automated loading station, complete with automatic license plate recognition. This innovative station places the responsibility of loading tank trucks on drivers while ensuring safe and efficient operations without trucks entering the production facility. 

Notably, the automated process eliminates the possibility of overloading, contributing to enhanced safety and efficiency.

Dr. Hoehler now head of the amino acids business 

Meanwhile, Evonik has announced the appointment of Dr. Dirk Hoehler as head of the amino acids business of Animal Nutrition.

Hoehler will take over the role from Dr. Jan-Olaf Barth, who has been promoted to become the head of the High-Performance Polymers business line of Evonik.

As one of Hoehler’s priorities, he will ensure the smooth implementation of the planned shutdowns of the methionine Singapore plant on Jurong Island, starting this quarter.