USA – Elanco Animal Health Inc. has announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has completed its comprehensive, multi-year review of Bovaer (3-NOP), a groundbreaking methane-reducing feed ingredient, and determined that the product meets safety and efficacy requirements for use in lactating dairy cattle.

According to Jeff Simmons, President and CEO of Elanco Animal Health, this announcement will likely accelerate the opportunity for climate-neutral dairy farming while creating a new revenue stream for dairy farmers nationwide.

We appreciate the FDA’s commitment to maintaining high standards for science-based review while balancing the need to quickly bring solutions to the market. Bovaer represents another example of Elanco being a partner of choice in animal health, where the capabilities of our talented R&D, regulatory, and commercial teams are delivering significant value.”

As global temperatures rise and consumers demand sustainable products, Bovaer offers a promising solution, creating value for farmers and helping food companies meet sustainability commitments.

Gregg Doud, President and CEO of the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF), emphasized that FDA approval of Bovaer is a crucial step toward a net-zero future for U.S. dairy. 

Consumers demand lower-carbon foods. Innovations like Bovaer help U.S. dairy farmers stay competitive and lead in sustainable production. We appreciate the FDA’s support,” Doud added. 

According to Elanco, Bovaer reduces methane emissions by suppressing an enzyme in the cow’s rumen, cutting emissions by 30% with just a daily tablespoon per cow. This not only helps in reducing carbon footprints but also offers financial rewards for farmers.

Elanco and DSM-Firmenich have expanded Bovaer’s commercialization in North America, aiming to make climate-neutral cattle farming a reality this decade. 

This announcement is timely, as the UN warns of the need to curb greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Methane significantly impacts climate warming, and reducing emissions from cattle can help meet climate goals.

Bovaer provides an important tool for farmers in this effort. It rewards dairy farmers for environmental stewardship, costing only a few cents per gallon of milk while helping food companies meet their climate commitments. 

Farmers can earn over US$20 per cow annually using Bovaer through voluntary carbon markets and USDA programs.

Elanco’s UpLook tool quantifies emissions reductions and connects to Athian, the livestock carbon inset marketplace. Additionally, the USDA has awarded US$89 million to support farms using technologies like Bovaer.

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