EUROPE – The recently published European Soy Monitor 2021 noted that 40% of soybean meal equivalent of total European soy consumption was sourced according to the European Compound Feed Manufacturers’ Federation (FEFAC) Soy Sourcing Guidelines.

According to the provisional data, the European feed industry has intensified its commitment to sustainable soy, with 21% representing an increase in responsible soy usage and 24% certified deforestation-free soy compared with 2018.

The European Soy Monitor 2021 contains an overview of estimations on the use of responsible and deforestation-free soy in European animal feed production in 2021.

The report also refers to FEFAC’s initial risk assessment which estimates that 93.9% of EU soy imports were sourced from low-deforestation regions, based on EU trade statistics and industry expert assessments.

FEFAC’s internal estimates indicate that a significant part of soy used in the EU in 2021 came from regions with low deforestation risk, including the EU, United States, Canada, and Ukraine.

These sources are considered “deforestation-free,” although not officially certified as such.

Responsible soy, as defined by FEFAC, refers to soy provided through supplier and member schemes and programs that adhere to the criteria outlined in the FEFAC Soy Sourcing Guidelines. These guidelines encompass good agricultural practices, environmental considerations, and social responsibility. 

Announcing the overview, Pedro Cordero, the president of FEFAC was elated with the continued positive trend that the European feed sector and its supply chain partners have been able to display as regards the industry’s use of responsible soy.

“I am confident that we will make further progress on the mainstream market transition of responsible soy use from both imported and home-grown sources,” he stated.

According to him, the European Soy Monitor Report plays a crucial role in contributing to the ongoing EU debate on the protection of world forests, aligned with the Green Deal action plan of the European Commission.

As part of these efforts, FEFAC recently reviewed its Soy Sourcing Guidelines to include ‘conversion-free’ soy as an essential criterion for responsible soy schemes and programs.

Furthermore, FEFAC reports that responsible soy and certified deforestation-free soy have continued to gain traction, with total industrial usage surpassing 14 million metric tons in 2021.

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