SWITZERLAND- Swiss equipment manufacturer, Bühler, recently launched a new 8-inch TUBO tubular push conveyor that will enable food manufacturers to achieve throughput capacities of up to 43 tonnes per hour (tph).
Until now, the revolutionary tubular push conveyor was only available with tubes of 5-inch and 6-inch diameters with a throughput capacity ranging from 12 to 24 tonnes per hour.

“With the new solution customers in malting and brewing, milling, coffee, oat flakes, and animal feed processing industries can benefit from an increase of 80% of throughput capacity, reaching up to 43 tons per hour,” Buhler said in a statement.

Bühler notes that the new 8-inch tube is built on the Tubo System where pusher elements called TUBITs are pushed inside the tubular construction moving material gently from inlets to outlets.

It can transport products gently over distances of up to 50 meters in all directions, This can be increased to 70 meters with lighter loads and fewer bends in the system’s configuration, according to Bühler product engineer Markus Huber.

The speeds can be as slow as 0.2 to 0.3 meters per second, allowing for the safe movement of sensitive materials such as coffee.

Moreover, the new addition is built on the same modest space requirements that the Tubo System is know for , significantly reducing investments in building costs for its users.

With less friction, the new Tubo addition also uses significantly less energy compared to conventional pneumatic systems.

“The TUBO concept has many advantages over conventional pneumatic systems or mechanical conveyors such as bucket and chain conveyors,” Stefan Anshelm, Product Manager Grain Quality & Supply at Bühler points out.

“These conventional systems require more space, more conveying components to transport material in different directions, and additional explosion protection such as decoupling devices,”.
Maintenance of high sanitation and safety is another merit the new conveyor shares with previous versions of the TUBO.

According to Buhler, the system is designed with drive stations that enable the removal of particles during operation, ensuring no residue build-up.

This not only enhances hygiene but comes in handy for operators that use one conveying line for different products and need to avoid contamination.

“With the option for greater capacity, more customers can benefit from cost savings and unparalleled efficiency and flexibility,” Anshelm added.

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