UK- ForFarmers UK, a prominent player in the agricultural industry, is making significant strides in the equine feed market with its recent acquisition of Thunderbrook Equestrian Ltd. 

The strategic move is spearheaded by Pavo, ForFarmers’ global equine sector organization, as the company aims to fortify its position in the equine nutrition sector.

By acquiring 100% of Thunderbrook’s shares, ForFarmers gains access to a diverse product portfolio that includes both conventional and organic feed products, supplements, and herbs. 

This move is part of Pavo’s commitment to international expansion, with Aart Freriks, Director of the equine feed business, emphasizing the significance of the deal for the company’s growth trajectory.

Thunderbrook’s robust distribution network and an impressive £3 million (US$3.8 million) turnover in 2023 enhance Pavo’s market standing in the UK and Ireland, according to ForFarmers. 

Leveraging Thunderbrook’s existing sales channels through specialist wholesalers, retailers, and a strong online presence, ForFarmers aims to extend its market outreach and offer a broader range of equine nutrition products to customers.

Both Pavo and Thunderbrook share a common focus on developing innovative product concepts while relying on ForFarmers and external partners for feed production. 

This collaboration is expected to bring synergies in product development and production capabilities, providing customers with a comprehensive range of equine feed solutions.

In a parallel development, ForFarmers/Tasomix recently completed the acquisition of Piast Pasze, a Polish feed company, following approval from Poland’s competition authority. 

The approximately €30.6 million (US$33.6 million) deal includes payment to Piast’s shareholders and the assumption of net debt.

This acquisition is set to substantially boost Tasomix’s volume in Poland by 410,000 tons, solidifying its position in the broiler sector. 

Piast’s four feed mills located in central and northern Poland, along with its 220 employees engaged in management, sales, and production, contribute to the expanded capabilities of ForFarmers in the Polish market.

With these strategic moves, ForFarmers is reinforcing its global presence in both the equine feed market in the UK and the broader agricultural sector in Poland, showcasing its commitment to innovation, expansion, and sustainable growth.

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