FRANCE – French agribusiness giant Avril has officially announced its bid to take over operations at the struggling Metex Noovistago factory in Amiens. 

Metex Noovistago is a Paris-based producer of amino acids for animal nutrition. Their custom amino acids help address co-limitations, and their protected lysine aids in ruminant nutrition.  

This strategic move aims to rescue the fermentation specialist from the brink of receivership.  

The proposed acquisition includes key research and development activities essential to the French amino acid production site and commercial operations based in Paris. 

The SPI investment fund supports the bid, part of the ambitious France 2030 initiative. This fund is managed by Bpifrance on behalf of the French government, further underlining the seriousness and potential of Avril’s bid.

Avril’s primary goal is to ensure a sustainable future for the factory’s production of amino acids via fermentation and secure jobs at the facility. The Amiens site is the only European facility producing lysine, a critical component for animal nutrition.

Fermented amino acids are a key lever for decarbonization and for improving the environmental impact of livestock farming more generally,” commented Avril.

The approval of Avril’s bid is subject to a series of conditions. These include the green light from the Paris Commercial Court and the successful completion of exemption and authorization procedures with the relevant competition authorities. 

These conditions underline the thoroughness and transparency of the approval process.

In parallel, the EU Commission initiated an anti-dumping investigation into imported lysine from China following a complaint by Metex Noovistago in April. 

The EU executive stated that there is sufficient evidence to justify this probe, reflecting a commitment to re-establish fair competition for amino acids sold in Europe.

The EU Commission’s mobilization on this issue demonstrates a clear desire to re-establish fair competition for amino acids sold in Europe,” reads Metex Noovistago.

Avril specializes in food, animal feed, energy, and sustainable chemistry. It was founded in 1983 on the initiative of a collective group of leaders in the French farming sector and was structured as a subsidiary to ensure outlets for French oilseeds. 

The Avril group now operates in 19 countries and employs 7,350 employees. It holds a portfolio of leading brands in several markets, particularly in Europe and Africa.

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