CHINA – Gold Coin China, a subsidiary of Gold Coin Group and Pilmico, has expanded its feed production capabilities by completing a new US$23.1 million mill in Yunnan, China. 

Construction of the 150,000-tonne capacity facility began in 2022, with feed production commencing in June of this year. The mill is anticipated to produce 75,000 tonnes in its first year. 

In the near term, the facility’s capacity will expand to 290,000 tonnes, with a future maximum capacity of 500,000 tonnes. 

According to the Aboitiz group, it is designed to produce feed for swine, poultry, aquaculture, ruminants, and premixes, setting new standards in feed mill production.

The launch of this new facility in Yuxi, Yunnan Province, is a testament to our commitment to expand our presence in key markets through investments in more efficient facilities across the region,” said Tristan Aboitiz, president and chief executive officer of Pilmico and Gold Coin Group. 

This mill is the second of its kind in our China-based operation. It will ensure that our customers are provided with the highest quality feed across multiple categories.

Gold Coin China’s new feed mill aligns with the Aboitiz Group’s broader strategy to bolster its capacity in the Asia Pacific region. This initiative is part of a series of investments, including a new 200,000-tonne feed mill in Long An, Vietnam.

Pilmico, a flour and feed manufacturer in the Philippines, operates through four divisions: flour, feed, farms, and trading. Gold Coin, a pioneer in animal nutrition and feed manufacturing in Asia, complements Pilmico’s operations. 

Together, they form one of Asia’s largest privately owned agribusinesses, employing over 3,700 partners and operating numerous production facilities in eight Asian countries. 

This development marks a significant step for the company, enhancing its capacity to meet the growing demand in the region.

China is one of the world’s largest producers of animal feed, churning over 302.2 MMT of industrial feed annually, according to the China Feed Industry Association (CFIA) report. 

According to 6Wresearch, China’s animal feed industry is primed for even more exponential growth as the country’s Animal Feed Market Size is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 4.56% to reach US$102.889 billion by 2030.

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