NIGERIAGolden Penny Foods, a subsidiary of Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc (FMN), has launched a new noodles flavor named Golden Penny Jollof Hot Hot noodles.

Launching just before the festive season, the new spicy noodles came in a 70g pack, are fortified with protein, vitamins, and minerals and are said to be a great source of energy.

The move to launch a new product is part of the Group’s commitment to providing a wider range of superior quality food product options for consumers to give them a delicious taste and satisfy their daily dietary needs at an affordable budget.

Mr.Ilyas O. Kazeem,  FMN Head of Marketing, stated that the new product symbolizes FMN’s dedication to providing affordable high-quality food products while listening to customers’ varied tastes and nutritional needs. 

Mr. Ilyas added that the brand-new flavor was timely and beneficial to its customers as the product is affordable, nutritious, and of great taste providing an extra spicy, tantalizing flavor, superior, and a tasteful peppery sensation when consumed.

“As a leading food brand in Nigeria, our goal is to continuously innovate and provide good quality products that impact positively, the lives of every Nigerian, as such Golden Penny affords Nigerians great tasting, superior quality, and nutritious food products,” said Mr. Ilyas, Head of Marketing FMN.

The company, which prides itself in being the people’s choice for over six decades with millions of consumers to their brands says that the launch of Golden Penny Jollof Hot Hot noodles was timely as it will allow families to enjoy the unique taste during this festive season.

In addition to great taste and flavor, Mr. Ayokunle, Noodle Category Manager, stated that the new Golden Penny Jollof Hot Hot noodles are nutritious with benefits as the product has a rich blend of unique ingredients to provide proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

The company is also looking forward to consumer feedback and product needs to continue to evolve and innovate across the value chains and product lines.

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