GERMANY- GoodMills Innovation, a company that specializes in developing clean-label ingredients based on cereals and pulses, has introduced its Slow Milling range of ingredients for artisanal baking. 

This unique portfolio offers a cost-effective and clean label solution for crafting authentic, large-scale bakery products that meet the evolving market trends and consumer demands for natural, sustainable, and high-quality goods.

The Slow Milling range boasts key ingredients like Ferment’tic, Kastanienerbse, and Wood-fired Malt, specifically designed to replicate traditional artisanal baking on an industrial scale. 

Ferment’tic, a natural baking improver within the range, enhances dough handling, prolongs freshness, and supports the creation of Mediterranean-style moist crumbs with large holes and crispy crusts. 

On the other hand, Kastanienerbse, derived from roasted yellow peas, offers a clean-label alternative with a nutty flavor, firm bite, and moist, rich crumb. 

Wood-fired Malt, a rare product in the market, imparts the aromatic flavor characteristic of goods baked in a wood-fired oven.

GoodMills Innovation, which is part of the GoodMills Group, Europe’s largest milling organization, alluded to this launch during the Food Ingredients Europe (FiE) held in Germany in December 2023.

These ingredients address the consumer preference for great-tasting products that are not only natural and sustainable but also affordable. The large-scale production facilitated by Slow Milling enhances cost-efficiency, delivering competitively priced, fresh, and visually appealing products for supermarket shelves.

According to a press release by the company, consumers seeking baked goods with a handcrafted feel at budget-friendly prices will find GoodMills Innovation’s Slow Milling portfolio to be a compelling choice. 

Thus, the commitment to high-quality, sustainable, and clean-label ingredients aligns with consumer values and preferences.

As consumer preferences shift towards packaged bread, influenced partly by economic considerations, GoodMills Innovation’s Slow Milling portfolio becomes an ideal solution for bake-off stations and mass production. 

The entirely natural and clean label range caters to health-conscious and environmentally aware shoppers, meeting their expectations for high-quality ingredients in packaged breads.

With over 15 years of experience in clean-label ingredients, GoodMills Innovation remains committed to delivering sustainable and high-quality baking solutions. The Slow Milling portfolio exemplifies the company’s dedication to staying at the forefront of market trends and meeting consumer expectations.

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