SOUTH AFRICA – The Grain SA Group of Entities has appointed Dr Tobias Doyer as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective 08 January 2024.

Grain SA is a voluntary industry organization that provides commodity strategic support and services to the grain and oilseed producers of South Africa.

Recognized as an accomplished and forward-thinking leader, Doyer brings a wealth of expertise and capability to the Grain SA Group of Entities.

“We are pleased to welcome Dr Tobias Doyer as our new CEO. His exceptional leadership skills, strategic acumen, and in-depth industry knowledge position him as the ideal choice to lead the Grain SA Group of Entities,” said Derek Mathews Chairperson of Grain SA.

With a proven track record of driving growth, strategy, and innovation within the agricultural, insurance, and academic sectors, Doyer is well-positioned to lead Grain SA toward a new era of success.

Derek noted that they have full confidence in his ability to guide the company toward even greater accomplishments in the future.

Record in reshaping agribusiness

Tobias played a big role in reshaping the Agricultural Business Chamber (Agbiz) into an independent business representative organization.

He strategically positioned Agbiz as a proactive contributor to national agricultural and economic discussions.

Tobias played a key role in formulating and sharing the vision and identity of the organization, supported by its diverse stakeholders, including media, politicians, government bodies, farmers’ organizations, and Agbiz members

Perfect fit for the role

Tobias obtained his PhD in Agricultural Economics at the University of Pretoria and is a Certified Director at the Institute of Directors in South Africa.

He started his career as a lecturer in Agricultural Economics at the University of Pretoria, and spent the past 10 years serving amongst others, as the Operations Strategy Delivery and regional Executive for Sanlam’s Pan Africa General Insurance division.

While there, he oversaw strategy delivery and served as a director on the boards of Sanlam’s Anglophone African businesses. Before, he lived in Lusaka, Zambia for a few years as Managing Director of the University of Africa in Zambia.

Accepting the role, Tobias envisions the organization as a driving force for positive societal change and economic prosperity in South Africa, with the agricultural sector playing a pivotal role.

The South African grain-, rural and political environment is constantly changing, and we must inspire and make things happen. I am looking forward to my return to the sector and the road ahead,” Tobias said.

With this clear direction, the Grain SA Group of Entities is ready to tackle the challenges of the ever-evolving agricultural landscape and capitalize on sustainable emerging opportunities.