EUROPE – IFF, a renowned supplier of animal feed solutions, has announced EU-wide regulatory approval for two innovative poultry feed solutions: Axtra® XAP and Syncra® AVI. 

These solutions, developed by Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health, a unit within IFF’s Health & Biosciences business, are designed to address the challenges of modern poultry production while delivering significant technical and economic performance improvements.

Jose Luis Ecija Roux, Marketing Director EMEA at Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health, emphasized the importance of this approval. 

Obtaining full EU authorization empowers us to unleash the remarkable potential of these two exceptional in-feed products to poultry producers across the region. Axtra XAP and Syncra AVI have demonstrated their pivotal role in advanced feed strategies, and we look forward to helping our customers maximize this unprecedented opportunity.”

Axtra XAP is a high-performance enzyme blend combining xylanase, amylase, and protease. This multi-enzyme solution optimizes nutrient availability and enhances energy efficiency and bird performance in corn-based and mixed-grain diets. 

IFF states that Axtra XAP offers greater flexibility in dietary formulations, significantly reduces feed costs, and improves profitability. 

Furthermore, this feed solution enables producers to adapt their operations to meet consumer demands and industry trends, such as free-range production and all-vegetable dietary ingredients.

Syncra AVI is an enzyme-probiotic complex that combines two proven technologies to optimize gut health and maximize poultry production performance. 

According to IFF, the synergistic combination of enzymes and probiotics in Syncra AVI creates a favorable nutribiotic state, supporting flock health, wellness, and productivity. 

Nutribiosis refers to the interplay between nutrition, the microbiome, and gut and immune function within the host. By fostering a healthy nutribiotic environment, Syncra AVI helps to enhance overall poultry health and performance.

The EU is the latest region to approve Axtra XAP and Syncra AVI, joining other major markets such as North America, South Africa, and the Asia Pacific. 

Through the lens of nutribiosis, IFF invests in science and innovation to help producers improve performance, increase liveability, and support welfare in the face of growing pressure to reduce or remove antibiotics from production systems. 

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