USA- IFF-owned Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health announced the launch of Axtra PRIME in the US, an optimized enzyme blend designed to address major challenges in piglet production. 

Danisco developed this enzyme blend in conjunction with Aarhus University in Denmark, which has a large production of pigs. 

IFF developed the blend while the university investigated the impact on pigs’ methane emissions, pig growth performance, feed efficiency, gut health, and immune response. 

Research shows that this feed solution improves nutrient digestion, enhances gut health, and delivers measurable performance results.

The blend comprises xylanase, beta-glucanase, alpha-amylase, and protease enzymes and shows consistently healthier and faster piglet growth across different diet types. 

According to the company, the product launches in the US first because the country is an important swine market with a faster regulatory environment, which will hasten adoption in other countries. 

We expect local authorities in other regions to review and approve the product soon,”  said Madhukar Kulkarni, global segment manager, swine, Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health, IFF. 

According to IFF, targeted nutrition from an early age is essential for successful swine production, but several issues can disrupt feed strategies and adversely affect performance during this critical time. 

For example, stress during weaning can reduce feed intake and increase susceptibility to diarrhea. On the other hand, diet changes and the use of cheaper ingredients often introduce higher fiber into the diet, negatively impacting nutrient digestibility and animal performance. 

IFF’s enzyme blend is specifically formulated to mitigate these risks by targeting key digestibility challenges; ultimately enhancing piglet growth performance and ensuring  producers’ profitability. 

By improving nutrient digestion and feed utilization, it (Axtra PRIME) helps to create a favorable nutribiotic state in the gut of the piglet, thereby minimizing susceptibility to disturbances in the gut and maximizing overall performance,” Kulkarni explained.  

Meanwhile, as many countries, especially in Asia, have been battling African Swine Flu (ASF), pig and pork product prices have risen as countries develop ways of dealing with the virus. 

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