USA – Il Granaio delle Idee (IGDI), a prominent clean-label baking ingredient manufacturer, has announced a partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks to revolutionize sourdough strains and baking technology.

At the core of this collaboration is IGDI’s groundbreaking sourdough bakery strain, which promises to elevate the flavor and aroma profiles of baked goods.

Leveraging IGDI’s innovative starter culture product, Pater, the partnership will utilize Ginkgo’s Adaptive Laboratory Evolution (ALE) technology to expedite the growth rate of IGDI’s selected strain.

Pater, IGDI’s proprietary product, represents a significant advancement in baking technology. Designed to disperse lactic acid bacteria in flour while maintaining viability and stability, Pater offers bakers a shelf-stable, dried baking mix for large-scale sourdough production.

With Pater, artisanal and industrial bakers can enhance the flavor, fragrance, structure, and color of bread while improving digestibility and extending freshness. Moreover, Pater facilitates the production of natural emulsifiers, reducing the need for chemical additives prevalent in the baking industry.

In a bid to scale up the production of its strain economically, IGDI will harness Ginkgo’s ALE technology, a rapid and powerful strain development tool that can adapt strains to industrially-relevant conditions without genetic modification.

By leveraging ALE, IGDI aims to evolve its strain toward a higher growth rate, thereby enhancing Pater’s competitiveness in the market.

Federico Allamprese Manes Rossi, Founder, and CEO of Il Granaio delle Idee, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing Ginkgo’s prowess in the food and nutrition space and the potential of ALE technology to bolster Pater’s market position.

Together, we’re enhancing product quality, empowering bakers with innovative solutions that elevate their craft, and preserving the expression of culture and identity in food,” he stated.

Simon Trancart, Head of ALE at Ginkgo Bioworks, echoed Rossi’s sentiments, highlighting Ginkgo’s commitment to innovation within the food and nutrition industry.

This collaboration underscores Ginkgo’s dedication to advancing food technology. We’re excited to support Il Granaio delle Idee’s vision by leveraging our strain optimization tools and powerful ALE technology to elevate their sourdough product to advanced levels of quality and efficiency,” he remarked.

The partnership between IGDI and Ginkgo Bioworks marks another milestone in Ginkgo’s series of strategic alliances within the food and nutrition sector.

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