TURKEY- Imas has been recognized as the leading exporter of grain and feed milling machinery in Turkey, according to the 2023 export data released by the Turkey Exporters Assembly.

Imas, renowned for its comprehensive range of grain and feed milling machinery, has successfully undertaken the construction of turnkey flour, maize, and feed mills globally. The company boasts over 500 project references across five continents and operates in more than 100 countries.

Throughout 2023, Imas secured its position as Turkey’s leading exporter in the grain and feed milling machinery sector, with a notable presence in the Middle East, Africa, America, Europe, Far East, Russia, and CIS regions.

Mustafa Ozdemir, the General Manager of Imas, expressed his pride in the company’s achievements, stating, “At Imas, our team works with the passion of creating values for our company, country, and industry. I believe that this synergy is the main driving factor behind our success. Today we feel very happy and proud to be the export leader of the year in our sector.

Ozdemir credited Imas’ success to its production capacity, experienced team, and diligent work, emphasizing its ability to fulfill numerous orders and shipments within a year. He extended his gratitude to the team and business partners worldwide for their contributions to this remarkable achievement.

One notable aspect that sets Imas apart is its status as the sole Turkish milling machinery manufacturer with a public offering. Imas shares (IMASM) have been traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange since April 2022, establishing the company as a trusted partner for turnkey grain and feed milling projects across the globe.

Imas has consistently been recognized for its commitment to research and development (R&D), securing a place among the Top 250 R&D Leaders of Turkey since 2015 and ranking in the Top 10 R&D Leaders of Turkish machinery across all industrial segments.

The company has also taken a pioneering role in the digital transformation of the industry, being accepted into the Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem development program by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey.

Imas’ R&D and engineering team achieved a breakthrough with the development of Polymer Base Construction, utilizing polymeric composites for roller mill chassis as an alternative to traditional materials like steel or cast iron. 

This innovation, boasting superior vibration-damping capabilities, earned Imas the “Product Showcase 2023” award at the International Association of Operative Millers 2023 Exhibition and Conference held in Minnesota, US. The Polymer Base Construction provides heightened operational reliability and extended long-term durability for roller mills.

Imas continues to lead the way in the milling machinery industry, combining innovation, global reach, and a commitment to excellence in its pursuit of shaping the future of grain and feed milling.

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