TÜRKIYE – Imas, a prominent name in the milling industry, has unveiled its latest innovation to meet the burgeoning demands of flour mills worldwide. 

The Multiplexa Plansifter (MQA) promises to revolutionize the milling process with its cutting-edge features and enhanced capabilities, catering to high-capacity requirements across the sector.

The MQA, available in models accommodating up to 10 passages, represents a significant leap forward in design and functionality. 

Imas’ research and development team leveraged state-of-the-art finite element analysis (FEA) virtual modeling technology to refine the plansifter, ensuring optimal performance under actual operating conditions.

Key improvements include heightened reliability, performance, sanitation, and insulation, setting a new standard in milling equipment. 

Validation tests at the manufacturing plant confirmed the plansifter’s robustness and efficiency, ensuring seamless operation even under the most demanding circumstances.

One of the Multiplexa’s standout features is its strong drive system, which enables nonstop operation without compromising performance. 

The chassis, constructed from a three-layered steel sheet, ensures durability against vibrational loads, while balance springs and ball bearings distribute operational stress for enhanced safety.

Imas’ commitment to innovation is further evident in the plansifter’s construction, which eschews traditional welding techniques in favor of a “no welding” design. 

Unique aluminum extrusion profiles and cast-iron frames, connected with a unique screwing technique, deliver superior precision and durability while facilitating easy sieve replacement.

Moreover, Imas has prioritized sanitation with the Multiplexa, incorporating increased insulation thickness and stainless steel coatings to mitigate hygiene risks. 

The plansifter’s enhanced impermeability and rounded corners minimize product adhesion and contamination, ensuring stringent food safety standards are met.

In another recent development, İmas completed a new 160-tonne-per-day (tpd) flour mill for the World Food Industry, one of the leading food and retail groups headquartered in Yaounde, Cameroon.

The company noted that 160 TPD wheat processing capacity is posed to produce two types of flour that will be distributed to World Food Industry’s local supermarkets and bakery chains, in over 40 locations within the country.

Imas disclosed that the machinery and equipment installation was completed in six months, a very short period thanks to the company’s production power and capacity.

Additionally, the mechanical and electrical installation was completed in about six months by the Imas project planning, installation, and supervision teams.

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