TURKEY – At the IDMA 2024 show, held from May 2 to 4 in Istanbul, Turkey, Imas introduced its state-of-the-art Multimilla Roller Mill, featuring the latest in torque motor technology. 

This innovation marks a significant advancement in grain milling, presenting a modern alternative to the traditional pulley belt transmission system.

IDMA 2024 served as a global platform showcasing the latest advancements in flour, feed, corn, semolina, rice, bulghur milling machinery, among other related technologies. 

Imas took this opportunity to highlight the Multimilla Roller Mill and present its Multiplexa Plansifter, Supersense Purifier, and the Viteral series of feed milling machines, which include high-capacity pellet mills, hammer mills, and paddle mixers.

The integration of torque motors into the Multimilla Roller Mill, developed by the Imas R&D team, brings numerous benefits to the milling process. 

These motors, used in the roller mill’s feeding and grinding systems, significantly reduce energy consumption and minimize the risk of mechanical breakdowns. 

The first reference plant equipped with these torque motors has been operational in Italy since 2021, demonstrating this technology’s practical benefits and reliability.

Torque motors today introduce major advantages in grain milling,” said Murat Apakhan, deputy general manager of production and R&D at Imas. 

We have been working on torque motors for roller mills in recent years to respond to the industry’s increasing need for energy-saving solutions, especially in this globally competitive environment. Based on our reference plant in Italy, we have observed up to a 25% reduction in electricity consumption for roller mills with torque motors.”

Imas plans to continue testing in one of its reference flour mill installations in Turkey, aiming to conduct more detailed energy consumption analyses and comparisons. 

We are now ready to offer roller mills with torque motors to our valued customers worldwide,” Apakhan added.

In related news, in April 2024, Imas unveiled its latest innovation, the Multiplexa Plansifter (MQA), to meet the burgeoning demands of flour mills worldwide. 

This innovation promises to revolutionize the milling process with its cutting-edge features and enhanced capabilities, catering to high-capacity requirements across the sector.

The MQA, available in models accommodating up to 10 passages, represents a significant leap forward in design and functionality.

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