FRANCE- Innovafeed, a leading company in sustainable nutrition solutions, has announced the launch of its brand, Hilucia, aimed at revolutionizing the feed industry for monogastric and aquaculture. 

This move comes as a strategic step to support the remarkable growth witnessed by Innovafeed in 2023, which saw its production and sales more than double.

The unveiling of Hilucia marks a significant milestone in Innovafeed’s journey, with the brand offering a comprehensive range of high-quality ingredients for animal and plant nutrition, all while minimizing environmental impact. 

At the core of Hilucia lies the utilization of Hermetia illucens, or black soldier fly larvae, renowned for their exceptional upcycling capabilities.

Elizaveta Le Floch, Chief Business Officer of Innovafeed, expressed enthusiasm about the brand’s launch, stating, “Enhanced and expanded with two new products – protein for monogastric and oil for aquaculture – the Hilucia range reaffirms Innovafeed’s anchoring and leadership in its four main markets.”

The development of Hilucia is the culmination of several years of rigorous efforts by Innovafeed’s teams, focusing on strategic partnerships, environmental sustainability, nutritional expertise, and adherence to quality standards. 

These efforts have resulted in a product range that caters to the evolving demands of consumers and the industry.

Strategic partnerships with key players such as Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), and Hello Nature have been instrumental in ensuring Innovafeed’s momentum across various markets. 

Additionally, the company’s commitment to minimizing environmental impact has been recognized through accreditations as a B Corp company and membership in the Pet Sustainability Coalition.

Hilucia is not only about providing high-quality ingredients but also about transparency and consumer trust. Innovafeed offers customers the option to feature a “Powered by Hilucia” logo on their packaging, signifying quality, sustainability, and innovation.

Gabriel Huertas del Pino, Co-founder, and CEO of Arch Pet Food, commented on the partnership with Innovafeed, saying, “Partnering with Innovafeed marks a significant milestone in our journey to redefine pet nutrition.

The launch of Hilucia comes at a time when the global demand for protein is expected to surge by 40% by 2030. Innovafeed’s innovative approach not only meets this growing demand but also addresses sustainability requirements, significantly reducing carbon emissions compared to traditional protein sources.

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