BELGIUM – Intraco Ltd., a premier exporter of premixes and concentrates based in Belgium, has forged a strategic partnership with trinamiX GmbH, a leading provider of mobile spectroscopy solutions and a subsidiary of BASF. 

The collaboration aims to revolutionize the feed analysis landscape by integrating trinamiX’s Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution into Intraco’s portfolio.

This innovative collaboration brings together Intraco’s extensive expertise in animal feed production and distribution with trinamiX’s cutting-edge technology in spectroscopy. 

The result is a powerful tool that enables real-time analysis of the nutrient composition of feed, providing invaluable insights for feed advisors and farmers alike.

The trinamiX Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution is a handheld spectrometer with a user-friendly mobile app and customer portal. 

This comprehensive solution empowers feed advisors to assess raw materials and final feed on-site, allowing for swift adjustments to ensure livestock receive nutritionally balanced and cost-effective diets.

The significance of accurate feed analysis cannot be overstated, particularly given the diverse nutritional requirements of livestock and the dynamic nature of raw materials. 

Traditionally, feed advisors and farmers have had to rely on standard nutritional values or undergo time-consuming laboratory analyses. 

However, trinamiX’s mobile NIR spectrometer offers a game-changing alternative, enabling rapid analysis of a wide range of feed components within seconds.

Intraco Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and marketing high-quality animal feed concentrates, premixes, protein meals, and additives. 

With a global network of distribution partners, Intraco plays a pivotal role in providing tailored feed solutions to poultry, ruminant, and pig farmers, as well as collaborating with local feed mills to deliver premium-quality feed formulations.

The integration of trinamiX’s Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution into Intraco’s operations marks a significant advancement in the field of feed analysis. 

By offering real-time insights into moisture, protein, fat, and energy content directly on the farm, Intraco can enhance its ability to provide customized feed formulations to clients, thereby optimizing livestock nutrition and welfare.

Steven Van Caekenberghe, Area Sales Manager at Intraco, emphasizes the importance of tailored feed solutions, stating, “There is no one-size-fits-all solution for livestock feeding. We offer responsible and tailor-made solutions based on quality ingredients and expert advice.

He expresses his satisfaction with the collaboration, highlighting the potential to address the industry’s most complex challenges effectively.

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