FRANCE – Soufflet Agriculture of the InVivo group and Avril’s subsidiaries, Lesieur and Saipol, signed a commercial agreement on July 8 to market rapeseed and sunflower seeds grown using regenerative agriculture. 

Starting with the 2024 harvest, this partnership aims to meet part of Lesieur’s seed needs and Saipol’s requirements for low-carbon biofuel production.

The multi-year marketing contract for rapeseed and sunflower seeds signed between Lesieur, Saipol, and Soufflet Agriculture covers the harvest period from 2024 to 2027. 

This long-term commitment supports farmers involved in regenerative agriculture, ensuring stable and reliable markets for their crops.

The partnership promotes a new model for sustainable agriculture, emphasizing crop rotation and regenerative practices. Soufflet Agriculture is contacting all farmers and offering support through the InVivo group’s “Sowing Meaning” sustainable sector approach. 

This initiative promotes various crops in farmers’ rotations, including barley, wheat, legumes, and oilseeds, accelerating agricultural and food transitions.

Promoting diverse crop rotations supports farmers in transitioning to regenerative agriculture, preserving soil life, water resources, and biodiversity while reducing the carbon footprint of crops.

Soufflet Agriculture offers technical and financial security to farmers, supporting their crop rotations with multi-sector outlets. This approach ensures that farmers receive real value and support, contractualized based on implementing agroecological practices across their operations.

The alliance between Soufflet Agriculture, Saipol, and Lesieur aims to break down barriers within the agricultural sector. It offers food industry manufacturers raw materials that meet quality and sustainability standards, fulfilling their specific expectations and requirements.

This ambitious project aims to unite all manufacturers committed to advancing agricultural and food transitions. By supporting regenerative agriculture, the partnership seeks to create economic and environmental value for stakeholders throughout the supply chain.

Soufflet Agriculture has been working for several years on developing regenerative agriculture. We are proud of this new partnership with Avril, marking the first step in our ambition to support farmers on the scale of their crop rotation by giving them access to multi-sector outlets. We are convinced that this is a real response to the challenges of the agricultural and food transition,” Christophe Passelande, Managing Director of Soufflet Agriculture, emphasized the importance of regenerative agriculture.

Emmanuel Manichon, Managing Director of Avril Mass Market and Avril First Transformation, Renewable Energies, highlighted Avril’s commitment to Serving the Earth, guided by its purpose. 

Lesieur, with its objective of sourcing 100% regenerative agriculture by 2030, and Saipol, a pioneer in low-carbon approaches, fully illustrate our ambition to support the food and environmental transitions of the French people,” Manichon commented.

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