IRAQ – The Iraq Ministry of Commerce has announced plans to build 4 silos and 17 underground bunkers in 6 governorates to boost storage of grain and other cereals anticipated during the ongoing season in the nation.

Haider Nouri Al-Karaawi, the Director General of the General Company for Grain Trade announced the intent, adding that the plan has obtained cabinet approval.

These efforts are expected to significantly bolster storage capacity, particularly given the anticipated rise in wheat quantities due to increased rainfall and modern irrigation practices adopted by farmers.

According to him, last year, 830 tons of wheat were delivered from Salah al-Din Governorate but wheat production is anticipated to surpass one million tons in the current season.

He explained that the Ministry initiated the silos and warehouses project last year, adding that the construction of a silo will typically span from one to two years.

“The Ministry began the warehouses and silos project last year,” indicating, “building a silo requires a long period extending from one to two years.”

According to him, the Cabinet has recently approved the establishment of two silos in Kirkuk and Wasit, along with two others funded by a Saudi loan, located in the Diwaniyah and Maysan governorates.

Furthermore, the contracted company plans to introduce two additional silos, whose locations would be determined soon.

Regarding bunker construction, Al-Karaawi revealed plans for fourteen (14) bunkers in Kirkuk Governorate, three (3) in Shatra, Al-Rifai, and Nasiriyah, in addition to two bunkers previously built in Diyala Governorate. Each bunker will have a capacity of about 6,000 tons.

In addition, Al-Karaawi highlighted that the ministry has also identified the establishment of new transportation routes, such as trains to help in transporting wheat from Salah al-Din to Baghdad and other central and southern governorates, which was previously unfeasible.

He underscored the strong collaboration between the Ministries of Commerce and Transport, as well as the Prime Minister’s directive to leverage government resources effectively.

In conclusion, Al-Karaawi assured that the treasury possesses ample capacity to accommodate all wheat quantities received from farmers during the current season.

The treasury capacity is available and ready to receive all quantities received from farmers during the current season.”

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