USA- The U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) has welcomed back Ivan Goh, a seasoned professional renowned for his exceptional expertise in flour milling, bakery technical service, and wheat food ingredients. 

Goh assumes the role of Biscuit/Bakery and Noodle Technologist, focusing on the South and Southeast Asia market, marking his return to the organization after a brief hiatus.

Having previously held the same position from 2018 to 2022, Goh brings a wealth of experience and a robust skill set to the table. His responsibilities include collaborating closely with USW staff and spearheading training initiatives across the region, a role in which he has excelled in the past.

Joe Sowers, USW Vice President for South and Southeast Asia, lauded Goh’s return, highlighting his unparalleled technical prowess and intimate familiarity with USW’s training programs. 

Sowers emphasized Goh’s profound understanding of the wheat foods industry in the region, stemming from his extensive experience with both USW and private industry entities across South and Southeast Asia. 

Additionally, Goh’s involvement with various markets worldwide, including collaborations with USW offices in Manila, Seoul, Taipei, Beijing, Casablanca, and Latin America, underscores his global perspective and capacity to drive impactful change.

Ivan possesses remarkable technical abilities and a deep understanding of the wheat foods industry dynamics in South and Southeast Asia,” Sowers remarked. “His proficiency, coupled with his global exposure, positions him as an invaluable asset in demonstrating the quality benefits of utilizing U.S. wheat to our industry partners.

Goh, an alumnus of the University of Putra Malaysia with a bachelor’s degree in food science and technology, is not only fluent in several languages spoken in the region but also boasts a rich mentorship under the tutelage of USW Bakery Consultant Roy Chung, a stalwart within the organization. 

Goh’s journey with USW traces back to a USW baking workshop conducted by Chung at FFM Berhad a decade ago, followed by active participation in a USW baking course at the UFM Baking and Cooking School in 2015, further cementing his bond with the organization.

Joining USW in March 2018, Goh’s departure in late 2022 saw him venture into the private sector, where he honed his skills and garnered additional expertise. Now, with his return to USW, Goh is poised to leverage his wealth of experience and global insights to drive innovation and excellence within the wheat foods industry, further solidifying USW’s position as a leading authority in the field.

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