ZAMBIA – Java Foods Limited, a leading instant noodle producer in Zambia, has signed a $6.5 million investment agreement with the South Lusaka Industrial Free Zone Commission (LSMFEZ) to set up a new modern factory. 

The Lusaka South Multi-Facility Economic Zone Limited is a private limited liability company incorporated on 25th June 2012 to manage, operate, and develop the Lusaka South Multi-Facility Economic Zone.

Founded by Lawyer Monica Musonda, the new facility will occupy 4.76 hectares of land where it is positioned to service local, regional, and international markets.

Expressing contentment, Alice Schultz, the LSMFEZ Corporate Affairs Manager said that the Zone is delighted to host this investment and is happy to report the progress made in furthering Zambia’s agenda for economic diversification, wealth, and job creation.

The company, which produces instant pasta, cereal, and seasonings, including household names like Ezzie Noodles intends to create more than 200 jobs once operational.

Alice Schultz pointed out that LSMFEZ has so far created over 31,000 jobs from inception, with a record of about 3,373 jobs in quarter 1 of 2023.

In addition, she unveiled that the Zone has a total of 98 companies approved and is currently hosting 22 operational companies, with the remainder either in the construction phase or obtaining sector approvals.

Construction activities at LSMFEZ, according to Schultz, have peaked in the last 24 months and traffic within the facility is at an all-time high.

She, however, called upon both local and foreign investors interested in the development of commercial facilities, research, and development as well as residential developments to register their interest with urgency while the land is still available.

“We are happy to report that in 2022 the zone completely exhausted its quota assigned to industrial development and is currently working to ensure that all allocated investors begin construction.

Schultz said the focus areas for 2023 include the development of shopping malls, vertical cities, studio apartments, recreational facilities, as well as water sports, an artificial beach, and a golf course.

With this new investment, Java Foods will eventually have a second processing unit in the country. The company founded in 2012 already has a factory also based in Lusaka in the Chinika Industrial Zone.

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