USA – American multinational food manufacturing company, Kellanova has announced the launch of its new protein-packed Eggo Fully Loaded waffles, aiming to meet the evolving preferences of modern consumers. 

The company seeks to capitalize on the growing popularity of protein-rich meals among millennials and Gen Z. 

Data from the Food Institute indicates that half of all online mentions of high-protein foods come from individuals aged 25 to 40. According to market research firm Technavio, the high protein-based foods market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.7%. 

Kellanova hopes the new Eggo offering will mirror the success of other protein-packed breakfast products, such as Kodiak’s waffles and pancakes, which have seen significant growth in recent years. 

This shift towards protein-packed breakfasts and snacks is driven by changing lifestyles among younger consumers. 

A survey by J.M. Smucker revealed that two-thirds of Gen Z and millennials prefer eating breakfast at nontraditional times and report snacking more than older generations while still maintaining their health. 

These changing habits have contributed to a decline in traditional cereal consumption. A survey by Mintel found that 43% of millennials and Gen Z eat cereal as a snack rather than for breakfast, with more than half prefer portable breakfast options. 

Kellanova’s new protein-packed waffles in Strawberry Delight and Chocolate Chip Brownie are expected to appeal to these shifting preferences with their better-for-you options.  

The company also plans to expand the Eggo brand to include new frozen products launching this spring. 

Last month, the company expanded its Pop-Tarts range by introducing its latest crunchy snack, Crunchy Poppers. 

In a statement, the company announced that the two new additions will include two distinct flavors, Frosted Strawberry and Frosted Brownie – Frosted strawberry has a fruity berry filling. In contrast, Frosted Brownie has a chocolate center. 

Adding to their signature appeal, these snacks are topped with frosting and sprinkles, staying true to the classic Pop-Tarts style. 

The company has described the snack as a “pop-in-your-mouth twist on Pop-Tarts,” It offers a satisfying crunch with its crispy exterior complemented by the familiar frosting and sprinkles combination. 

According to the statement, these snacks will be packaged conveniently to offer a mess-free, easy grab-and-go snacking experience. 

The individually wrapped packaging also ensures portability, catering to the busy lifestyles of modern consumers. 

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