UK – Kellanova will introduce its popular Cheez-It crackers to the United Kingdom this summer across all route-to-market channels, marking a significant expansion for the brand, which has long been a favorite in the United States.

Made from a wheat, corn, and potatoes blend, the Cheez-It cracker recipe has been “tweaked” to suit European palates. 

Kellanova has also highlighted the proprietary baking method used to produce these crackers, which makes them extra thin and crispy with distinctive curvy edges. This method ensures a crispy texture and authentic cheesy taste in every bite.

The initial offerings in the UK will include two flavors: cheese and chili and double cheese. These will be available in various sizes, from small individual packs to larger sharing bags, catering to different consumer needs.

Kellanova is backing the UK launch with a substantial marketing investment of €18 million (approximately US$23 million). 

Starting in September, the campaign will encompass television commercials explicitly tailored for UK audiences, radio spots, outdoor advertising, sampling events, public relations efforts, and a robust social media presence.

When we became Kellanova back in October last year, we said we wanted to become a snacking powerhouse, and bringing our hero US Cheez-It brand to the UK is demonstrative of this ambition,” said Chris Silcock, managing director of Kellanova in the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

Great taste is the No. 1 category driver. By launching a large-scale NPD that delivers on taste, we can provide more choices to shoppers, help increase their repertoire, and drive overall category growth. That’s why we believe Cheez-It offers retailers of all shapes and sizes a compelling, differentiated product that will be backed by a heavyweight marketing plan. While this is a new product and brand in the UK, the trade this side of the ‘pond’ can have confidence in Cheez-It — after all, it’s a billion-dollar brand in America.”

Cheez-It joins other well-known Kellanova brands in the UK market, such as Pringles, Rice Krispies Squares, and Pop-Tarts. This launch aims to solidify Kellanova’s position as a leading snacking industry player and provide UK consumers with a broader range of tasty and innovative snack options.

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