USA – Kellanova, an American multinational snack and cereal company has announced its latest addition to breakfast offerings; The Kellogg’s Granola Wellness Range, made for health enthusiasts.

The exciting innovation comes in two delicious and delightful flavours, Cocoa Delight and Cinnamon Crunch, crafted to cater for the diverse needs and preferences of health-conscious people in the ever-evolving landscape of wellness.

The Cocoa Delight, which is set to become a favourite amongst fitness aficionados, is packed with flavourful cocoa and the benefits of protein.

The variant combines crunchy granola clusters with tasty cocoa making it the perfect choice to kickstart the day with a boost of energy.

The Cinnamon Crunch, on the other hand,  is for people looking for a healthy but filling breakfast choice that is high in fibre with half the sugar content and packed with all the delicious scents and flavour of cinnamon.

All that yumminess comes together to give you a guilt-free indulgence that you will enjoy and love eating every morning.

Elaborating on the offerings, Corrinne Fraser, Kellanova Brand Manager said that the company is excited to introduce Kellogg’s Granola Wellness Range to consumers.

According to him, the Cinnamon Crunch Granola was created to give consumers a satisfying breakfast choice that complements their health objectives and suits their taste preferences.

“With this variant, we are providing a treat that is suitable for the whole family by reducing half of the sugar content without compromising on the taste our consumers will love,” said Corrinne Fraser.

For individuals in need of an extra protein boost to power through busy days, Kellanova presents Kellogg’s Granola Cocoa Delight.

This creative combination offers a satisfying and healthy breakfast or snack choice by fusing chocolate flavour with protein-rich granola clusters.

“Our Granola Cocoa Delight is the perfect solution for anyone seeking a tasty and convenient way to add extra protein to their diet. Whether enjoyed on its own, with milk, or yoghurt, this delicious granola provides the long-lasting energy needed to tackle the day,” Corrinne noted.

Both variants of Kellogg’s Granola Wellness Range are now available at leading retailers nationwide. Grab your pack today and experience the delightful taste of Cocoa Delight and the tasty warmth of Cinnamon Crunch in every bite.


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