INDIA – The breakfast cereal giant Kellogg has joined forces with Hershey India, one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world to launch Kellogg’s Hershey’s Chocos on the Indian market. 

From a licensing partnership between the two legacy brands, they have produced a co-branded Chocos cereal variant, designed to make ‘the idea of breakfast with milk even more exciting’.

Kellogg’s Hershey’s Chocos is a heart-shaped cereal made from wheat and dipped in chocolate – turning milk into a slurpy chocolate dream.

According to Bakery and Snacks, the milestone comes at a time when Kellogg India is looking to double its business and expand its presence in India over the next four to five years.

While the deal may be a first in India, it’s not the first time the two industry giants have united to take cereal to new heights.

In 2018, the giants collaborated with the introduction of Hershey’s Choco Bits in Japan, firstly in Milky Cream, followed by Melty Chocolate, Matcha White Chocolate, and then Strawberry White Chocolate in early 2021.

Prashant Peres, Managing Director, Kellogg South Asia commented that “We constantly look at innovations that make breakfast interesting and exciting for kids”.

Prashant added that the partners have been working on this product for nearly nine months, and have fine-tuned it with a focus on offering the right level of nutrition and flavors. “This concept brings together two brands that are loved by consumers.”

To highlight this collaboration, Kellogg’s Hershey’s Chocos has rolled out a campaign conceptualized by Ogilvy. The film revolves around a young child and his dog, who together express their excitement and love for the new Chocos variant. 

Geetika Mehta, Managing Director, Hershey India said the collaboration combines Hershey’s expertise in creating the best-in-class indulgent chocolate products with Kellogg’s mastery in crafting delicious cereals,

He added that the collaboration exemplifies their shared commitment to innovation. We see this launch as a great way to extend our brand into new usage occasions and drive trials.”

Meanwhile, talking about macro-economic conditions Peres added that by collaborating, they have stated the company’s ambition to double the size of the business and grow the breakfast cereals category.

He revealed that macroeconomic headwinds such as inflation have impacted the category hence the focus on overcoming some of these headwinds and driving the business forward.

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