EMEA- Kemin Industries, a global leader in ingredient manufacturing, has unveiled its latest innovation, OLESSENCE™ B Liquid, designed to elevate flavor profiles while preserving freshness in dry bakery products across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). 

This groundbreaking product responds to the growing consumer demand for fresh, label-friendly ingredients, offering food producers an effective solution to meet evolving market preferences.

Incorporating a synergistic blend of plant extracts, including olive extract, OLESSENCE™ B Liquid represents the next generation of natural solutions for the bakery industry. 

By leveraging the inherent properties of these natural ingredients, Kemin aims to address the dual challenge of maintaining product quality and extending shelf life in dry bakery products.

Kelly De Vadder, Marketing Director at Kemin Food Technologies – EMEA, emphasized the significance of OLESSENCE™ B Liquid in meeting consumer expectations for clean and transparent ingredient lists. 

We are proud to offer a new product line that not only meets the highest quality standards but also aligns with the increasing consumer preference for clean and transparent ingredient lists,” De Vadder stated. 

The unique blend of natural flavors in OLESSENCE™ B Liquid provides a balanced flavor profile while also offering secondary antioxidant properties. 

These bioactive compounds play a crucial role in delaying the oxidation process and mitigating the development of rancidity in bakery products, contributing to extended shelf life and enhanced sensory experience.

Furthermore, the inclusion of olive extract in OLESSENCE™ B Liquid offers additional benefits, such as stabilizing fats and oils, thereby further preserving product freshness. 

This innovative approach aligns with industry trends favoring natural alternatives over synthetic ingredients and chemical preservatives.

As consumers increasingly prioritize fresh, clean-label options, OLESSENCE™ B Liquid emerges as a transformative solution for food manufacturers seeking to meet these evolving demands. 

By harnessing the natural properties of plant extracts, Kemin Industries is driving innovation in the bakery industry, offering manufacturers the tools to deliver high-quality, shelf-stable products that resonate with health-conscious consumers.

OLESSENCE™ B Liquid represents a significant advancement in natural solutions for the bakery industry, underscoring Kemin’s commitment to sustainability and product excellence. 

As the market continues to embrace clean-label alternatives, OLESSENCE™ B Liquid sets a new standard for preserving freshness and flavor in dry bakery products, reaffirming the transformative potential of nature-based ingredients.

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