USA – Kemin Industries, a global leader in ingredient manufacturing, has introduced CholiGEM, an innovative rumen-protected choline supplement, to the U.S. dairy market. 

This advanced product is designed to combat fatty liver and ketosis in lactating dairy cows, enhancing their overall health and productivity.

Choline, the cornerstone of CholiGEM, is a crucial nutrient for dairy cows. It plays a vital role in optimal milk production, reproduction, and overall health, particularly during the critical transition period. This nutrient supports liver metabolic functions and boosts milk fat yield and protein content.

Research shows that 50 to 60 percent of post-calving cows suffer from moderate to severe fatty liver,” stated Fei Sun, Ph.D., P.A.S., Dairy Marketing Manager at Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – North America. “Optimizing liver health during the transition phase can significantly reduce metabolic disorders that affect both production and overall animal health. Choline chloride, the key ingredient in CholiGEM, is essential in this optimization.”

CholiGEM distinguishes itself with a 60% choline chloride content, surpassing the typical 28% in current market offerings. This higher concentration allows for a more adaptable diet formulation during the transition period. 

Its enhanced bioavailability helps reduce the risks of fatty liver and ketosis, thereby improving the well-being of dairy cows before and after calving.

The supplement’s uniformity, particle size, and specific gravity enable it to move swiftly through the rumen, minimizing microbial degradation and increasing intestinal absorption. 

Benefits for dairy cows include enhanced liver function, maximized energy utilization, improved lactation performance, and optimized health and immunity. 

CholiGEM also supports a greener footprint for dairy operations by maintaining optimal transition-cow health and requiring a lower inclusion rate than many competitive products with lower choline chloride content. 

This allows for precise diet formulation that meets cows’ choline needs with minimal nutrient waste and maximum efficiency.

Kemin conducts LCAs for animal feed additives

In other news, Kemin Industries has become the first feed additive producer to launch life cycle assessments (LCAs) that meet the Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI) standards. 

These assessments, conducted by Kemin’s Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA business unit, evaluate the environmental impacts of various animal feed additives, including KESSENT and Myco CURB products. 

By partnering with GFLI’s branded pilot program, Kemin represented the first participant to contribute branded data to GFLI’s extensive database, which supports over 1,800 LCA datasets for major feed ingredients worldwide. 

This initiative underscores Kemin’s dedication to sustainability and provides critical insights into the environmental impact of feed additives, aiming to help the animal feed industry adopt more sustainable practices.

Kemin’s LCAs offer manufacturers, suppliers, and customers essential knowledge about the environmental footprint of feed additives, facilitating more sustainable decisions within the industry. 

As a leader in this initiative, Kemin’s commitment is reflected in its active participation in GFLI working groups and contributions to discussions on improving LCA methodologies for feed ingredients. 

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