IRELAND- Irish ingredients producer Kerry has introduced Biobake EgR, an enzyme solution that decreases the number of eggs needed in a variety of baking applications, ensuring cost optimization in baking processes. 

Kerry has developed Biobake EgR for baked goods manufacturers to address the rising raw material costs of eggs.

According to Kerry, egg prices in Europe were more than 50% higher in April 2023 versus the previous year, leading bakery manufacturers to consider reducing egg content in their baked goods.

This is particularly caused by supply-chain disruptions made worse by geopolitical instability, global widespread avian flu, drought, and extreme weather conditions, alongside general inflationary pressures.

This phenomenon is especially concerning because eggs do a lot of heavy lifting in bakery applications, delivering vital functionality and organoleptic characteristics to baked products. 

According to Kerry’s statement announcing the launch, its new solution will enable European manufacturers to switch from caged to free-range or organic eggs without facing increased costs. 

This is especially timely because the European Commission is due to propose legislation to phase out the use of cages in animal agriculture by 2027.

Kerry’s Biobake EgR is a reliable and consistent egg-reduction performer that can enable the switch from caged to free-range or organic eggs in fine bakery recipes without increasing cost. It works by replacing up to 30% of the egg requirement while matching traditional baking performance measures such as specific volume,” remarked  Kerry’s business development lead for Enzymes, Jonathan Doyle. 

Eggs have specific functional properties that contribute to finished product sensory attributes such as texture, softness, crumb structure, and taste. They are also utilized for binding, aeration, emulsification, and color.

According to Kerry, reducing egg content in recipes is challenging because few natural ingredients deliver the “essential functional properties well enough to produce a high-quality finished product with optimal texture, volume, and taste.”

Doyle said that consumers are also looking for more ethical label claims in egg-based products including “cage-free,” and manufacturers can satisfy this need by using Kerry’s innovative egg replacer.

Biobake EgR allows bakers to achieve that goal cost-effectively while mitigating volatile egg prices through the switch to a more consistent, lower-cost, natural alternative,” he added.

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