IRELAND- Kerry has introduced a groundbreaking enzyme solution named Biobake Fibre, tailored specifically for the traditional and organic rye, rye-wheat, and wholemeal bakery sectors.

Biobake Fibre represents a pioneering leap forward in bread quality enhancement, targeting improvements in volume and softness while simultaneously championing sustainability by reducing energy and operational costs. 

Kerry’s latest innovation aims to streamline dough processing and slicing, offering a holistic solution to bread manufacturers.

Unlike conventional additives, Kerry’s patented Biobake Fibre promises to uphold the authentic taste and aroma of rye bread formulations throughout their shelf life, ensuring a seamless transition to a more efficient and sustainable production model.

The remarkable capabilities of Biobake Fibre are evidenced by its ability to augment bread volume by up to 24% and enhance softness by an impressive 55%, thereby mitigating the risk of wastage. 

Moreover, the organic, kosher, halal, and vegetarian-friendly nature of this enzyme solution underscores Kerry’s commitment to inclusivity and ethical production practices.

At the heart of Biobake Fibre’s effectiveness lies its targeted action on rye’s high concentration of non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs), pivotal functional components notorious for their dough-handling challenges. 

These NSPs, while integral to rye bread’s nutritional profile, often disrupt water distribution during dough production, leading to processing difficulties and diminished bread quality.

Biobake Fibre intervenes by modulating the water-binding properties of NSPs, thereby facilitating improved dough hydration and development. The result is a more consistent dough rheology, bolstering tolerance and gas retention during the baking process. 

Consequently, specific volume is heightened, culminating in an enhanced crumb texture devoid of undesirable small bubbles that hinder slicing.

Deborah Waters, Kerry’s Global Product Director for Enzymes, expressed enthusiasm about the transformative potential of Biobake Fibre, stating, “This clean label, vegetarian, and organic-suitable enzyme solution can help manufacturers meet their operational cost and sustainability targets.

Emphasizing the paramount importance of sensory satisfaction, Waters added, “Most importantly, the high-quality taste and appearance of the finished rye bread has been confirmed by sensory trials conducted over product shelf life.”

In November 2023, Kerry introduced another enzyme solution called “Biobake Fresh Rich,” designed to enhance the shelf life of sweet baked goods. 

This innovative development promised to deliver longer-lasting softness, freshness, and moistness perception while also playing a crucial role in reducing food waste.

Biobake Fresh Rich is a clean label enzyme that primarily acts on starch, allowing sweet baked goods with more than 20% sugar content to maintain their freshness for an extended period. 

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