CANADA- Lallemand, a global leader in yeast and microbial solutions, proudly marked a century of yeast production at its facility on rue Préfontaine in Montreal on September 21, 2023. 

The event brought together colleagues from around the world, esteemed clients, partners, and local politicians to commemorate this remarkable milestone.

Antoine Chagnon, President and CEO of Lallemand, expressed his gratitude and recognized the collective effort that has propelled the company to this momentous achievement. 

100 years! This is a great opportunity to pay tribute to our supportive business partners, valued customers, and our talented employees who have all played a part in our success story,” he remarked. 

He fondly remembered the early days when the factory was primarily dedicated to baking yeast for the local market, highlighting the visionaries who transformed it into the global entity Lallemand is today.

Mr. Chagnon, who took the helm in 2015 succeeding his father and grandfather, acknowledged the remarkable journey the company has undertaken over the years. Despite its age, the Préfontaine plant stands at the forefront of a promising future, leveraging the potential of microbes to address pressing global challenges.

We are all facing new challenges, including climate change and feeding the entire planet. Innovative microorganisms can play a key role in facing these challenges. They can help us reduce carbon emissions, lower the use of antibiotics and chemical preservatives, increase the amount of plant proteins in our diet, and promote sustainable agriculture,”  Chagnon explained. 

He also highlighted ongoing efforts to develop the next generation of probiotics to enhance health benefits.

Today, Lallemand operates in 50 countries across 5 continents, employing over 5,000 individuals and managing 48 production facilities, including yeast and bacteria plants. 

The company’s diverse portfolio encompasses yeast, bacteria, fungi, and derivatives, serving various sectors such as baking, wine, beer, distilled spirits, fuel ethanol, animal and human nutrition, pharmaceuticals, and other food and agricultural industries.

Lallemand’s products have become an integral part of daily life for millions worldwide, including 600 probiotic formulas distributed in over 60 countries, one out of three bottles of Scotch whisky, over 22 billion bottles of wine, and more than 30 billion loaves of bread. 

Their innovative approach to agriculture is also evident in the cultivation of tomatoes without chemicals, feeding over 10 million people in Europe.

As Lallemand embarks on the next century of yeast production, its commitment to innovation and sustainability remains steadfast, promising a future where microbes will continue to play a vital role in addressing global challenges.