CANADA- Lallemand Animal Nutrition, a renowned global leader in microbial solutions, has introduced its groundbreaking brand, LALPROBIOME, unveiling a vast array of yeast and bacteria-based solutions designed specifically for enhancing pet well-being.

This new brand encompasses a wide spectrum of yeast and bacteria-based solutions, encompassing prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics, and antioxidants. 

The offerings under LALPROBIOME cater to a variety of aspects including digestive care, immune support, antioxidant optimization, nutritional enhancement, and even cognitive function. 

These comprehensive solutions pave the way for customized and differentiated pet food, treats, and supplements.

Our company has long stood as a global pioneer in the selection and application of microbial strains, benefiting both humans and animals. Building on this strong foundation, we proudly introduce LALPROBIOME to the pet food market. LALPROBIOME harnesses the inherent power of yeast and bacteria, amplified by cutting-edge scientific advancements, to bolster the health and overall well-being of pets,” Dr. Francesca Susca, Global Pet Product Manager, emphasized.

She added that Lallemand recognizes the distinctiveness of every business, which fuels its excitement for the launch of LALPROBIOME. 

This empowers our customers to elevate and distinguish their brands by incorporating novel ingredients that support unique and specific benefits. LALPROBIOME products have undergone rigorous safety and efficacy testing, ensuring our customers have access to proven, health-enhancing products,” she explained.

Unlocking a myriad of benefits

Lallemand’s LALPROBIOME solutions promise a myriad of advantages for pets and pet owners. 

For example, it promises digestive care by ensuring gastrointestinal health to enhance digestive processes.

It also provides immune support by strengthening the pet’s immune system for a healthier, more robust life.

Moreover, it offers antioxidant optimization to combat oxidative stress. It also promises nutritional optimization, ensuring pets receive optimal nutrition to thrive.

Palatability is another feature that this new ingredient offers, enhancing the taste and appeal of pet food and treats, and ensuring pets enjoy every meal.

Overall, the ingredient offers the well-being of pets, fostering a strong connection between gut health and cognitive function.

With the introduction of LALPROBIOME, Lallemand revolutionizes the pet nutrition landscape, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions that cater to the holistic health and happiness of pets. This innovation represents a significant step forward in the pursuit of optimal pet care, setting new standards for the industry.