USA-Landus, a leading company in the agriculture sector, has announced ambitious plans to bolster its Boone, Iowa, US, elevator by increasing grain handling capacity and expanding storage capabilities.

The decision is based on the strong deliveries observed during the 2023 harvest, which reflect the strong support of area farmers.

The upcoming upgrades at the Boone facility will include the addition of two new grain bins, providing an impressive extra storage capacity of 3 million bushels. In addition, a high-capacity 7,000-bushel-per-hour dryer will be incorporated, doubling the on-site drying capacity to 15,000 bph.

A new 30,000 bph leg and receiving pit will enhance the efficiency of the receiving process. Construction is scheduled to begin in the upcoming spring, to be operationally ready before the 2024 harvest.

These improvements align with Landus’ commitment to optimizing its agronomy infrastructure. A state-of-the-art fertilizer manufacturing and repackaging facility is already in progress, poised to revolutionize the agronomy supply chain. 

This facility will enable Landus to offer locally manufactured products, improving farmer profitability and connectivity to the supply chain.

Matt Carstens, President and CEO of Landus, expressed enthusiasm about the ongoing investments, stating, “Landus is reinvesting in the insights and infrastructure our farmers will need for the future throughout our geography. Over the past two years, we have reinvested US$200 million back into our rural locations, and we’re excited to elevate our assets in Boone next.

Carstens highlighted the multifaceted improvements in Boone, emphasizing the integration of state-of-the-art grain and agronomy facilities.

The expansion of the Boone facility coincides with the construction of a fertilizer and chemical manufacturing and repackaging facility, which is scheduled to become operational in the spring. 

This facility will produce Landus’ new AcreEdge performance portfolio, demonstrating the company’s commitment to innovation and providing top-notch services to farmers in central Iowa and beyond.

According to the latest data from Sosland Publishing Co.’s 2024 Grain & Milling Annual, Landus is ranked as the 11th largest North American grain storage company, with 56 grain storage facilities and an impressive 152.686 million bushels of licensed storage. 

The company’s strategic expansions underscore its commitment to serving the agricultural community and strengthening its position in the industry.

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