USA – Bunge Global SA has unveiled the executive leadership team for the anticipated combined Bunge and Viterra business after the proposed transaction’s closure. 

As previously announced, the combined entity will be helmed by Greg Heckman, Bunge’s Chief Executive Officer, and John Neppl, Bunge’s Chief Financial Officer.

Under the leadership structure, Viterra CEO David Mattiske is set to assume the role of Co-Chief Operating Officer (COO) alongside Julio Garros, Bunge’s Co-President of agribusiness. 

Together, they will jointly oversee the commercial operations of the future merged organization, encompassing commodity value chains, regional structures, Centers of Expertise, and Industrial Operations & Safety.

Greg Heckman, Bunge’s Chief Executive Officer, highlighted the strategic significance of the merger, emphasizing the expanded market access and value-added solutions it would offer farmers globally. 

He underscored the creation of Co-COO positions to ensure focused leadership across multiple commercial and operational streams, enabling the identification and leveraging of strengths from both organizations.

The executive leadership team of the future combined company will include key functional leaders such as Kellie Sears (Chief Human Resources Officer), Joe Podwika (Chief Legal Officer), Robert Wagner (Chief Risk Officer), Pierre Mauger (Chief Transformation Officer), Debra King (Chief Technology Officer), and Robert Coviello (Chief Sustainability Officer and Government Affairs). 

These leaders will drive global strategy, streamline processes, and enhance support systems to optimize business operations.

Christos Dimopoulos will assume the role of Executive Vice President of Global Markets, focusing on commercial strategy and risk deployment. He will work closely with the Co-COOs and oversee critical functions such as ocean freight, global logistics, research, financial services, and central hedge desk.

Aaron Buettner will continue to lead Food Solutions, overseeing Bunge’s food go-to-market strategy and collaborating with value chains to expand business with food customers.

These leadership appointments are slated to take effect upon the completion of the transaction, expected in mid-2024, subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals.

Bunge inaugurates state-of-the-art multi-oil facility in India

Elsewhere, Bunge marked a significant milestone with the grand opening of its new port-based multi-oil greenfield facility in Krishnapatnam, India. 

The momentous occasion was commemorated with a traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony and the auspicious Pooja ceremony, symbolizing the seeking of blessings from deities to infuse positive energy and purify the environment.

With a rich history of two decades in India, Bunge has established a strong presence across various segments, ranging from business-to-consumer operations to the production of palm-based Vanaspati and renowned consumer oil brands like Gagan and Dalda. 

The unveiling of the new facility signifies a strategic leap forward for Bunge as it ventures into processing sunflower oil for the first time, aligning with the burgeoning local demand.

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