ASIA – Long Grain Co. Ltd., a specialty rice producer and distributor has unveiled a US$9 million world-class rice milling facility in Cambodia, Southern Asia.

The Company expects the facility to generate an exponential rise from 33,000 tons production per year to 200,000 tons by 2025, followed by expansion into other verticals such as rice milk, rice cakes, grain spirit, and rice oil.

Strategically located in the Kampong Speu Province of Cambodia, the expansive 68,809-square-meter mill utilizes innovative technology from milling to distribution to ensure quality.

In addition, the US$9 million investment features cutting-edge technologies such as milling, whitening, polishing, grading, and sorting equipment and modern packing facilities. 

Sanjay Dvir, chief executive officer of Long Grain said that the new facility is the answer to the burgeoning global rice demand, leveraging automation and state-of-the-art design.

“As we thank the supportive Cambodian government, we reiterate our commitment to further enhance our market presence and sustain growth momentum for years to come. At its core, Long Grain is a pledge to quality, sustainability, and community enrichment,” he added.

Long Grain’s product range includes Jasmine, Senkro Orub rice and others, sold to a variety of end-users. The company is an exporter to the European Union, ASEAN nations, the Middle East, and Africa.

Embracing environmental resilience, Long Grain also works closely with local growers practicing water preservation, biodiversity enhancement, and soil health improvement.

At Long Grain, we believe the only impact we should have on our community, customers, and the planet should be a positive one. We are committed to making the industry more transparent and sustainable. A key pillar of Long Grain is to support our farming community, which is why we work with and employ, local people in the region.

Cambodia has emerged as a major player in the rice industry. The country’s rice sector accounts for over 70% of its agricultural cropped areas and contributes about 50% to the nation’s agricultural output.

The Cambodian rice market has experienced substantial growth over the past two decades, with surplus production finding its way to major international markets, primarily Europe

The US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Foreign Agricultural Service estimates Cambodian rice production to be 10.2 million tonnes in the marketing year 2023-24, with 1.91 million tonnes available for export. Globally, the USDA estimates 520.9 million tonnes of rice production in 2023-24.