CANADA– Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC), a leading global merchant and processor of agricultural goods, has unveiled plans to construct a pea protein isolate production facility at its established industrial site in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

This significant investment underscores LDC’s commitment to meeting the escalating demand for food, feed, and sustainable biofuels.

Michael Gelchie, CEO of Louis Dreyfus Company, highlighted the strategic importance of this initiative within the company’s global growth strategy. 

As a leading global merchant and processor of agricultural goods, LDC is dedicated to diversifying revenue streams through value-added products. This investment aligns seamlessly with our ambition to cater to the rising consumer preference for high-quality, nutritious, and sustainable plant-based protein alternatives.”

The new production plant, slated for completion by the close of 2025, is poised to revolutionize the market by providing customers with taste-neutral, highly functional, and nutrient-rich ingredients. 

These offerings will cater to various segments, including dairy alternatives, high-protein nutrition solutions, and other plant-based applications. Moreover, the facility will bolster LDC’s existing pea protein isolate and non-GMO soy isolate offerings.

With an anticipated workforce of approximately 60 individuals, the plant is poised to stimulate local employment opportunities while reinforcing LDC’s presence in the region.

Thibaut Ferté, Head of Plant Proteins at Louis Dreyfus Company, emphasized the growing demand for pea protein owing to its non-allergen, non-GMO attributes and sustainability credentials. 

Pea protein continues to gain traction across diverse food applications. Leveraging our expertise and global asset footprint, we aim to address industry challenges with unparalleled product quality. Our proprietary technology, developed at our R&D center in Livermore, California, underscores our commitment to innovation.

Ferté further outlined LDC’s vision for the future, which extends beyond pea and soy proteins. “We are actively collaborating with our customers to develop premium protein solutions that transcend conventional boundaries. This forward-looking approach underscores our dedication to shaping the future of sustainable food production.”

Louis Dreyfus Company’s venture into pea protein production marks a significant milestone in the evolution of plant-based protein solutions. 

As consumer preferences continue to gravitate towards sustainable and nutritious alternatives, LDC remains at the forefront of innovation, driving positive change in the global food industry.

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