NETHERLANDS – Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC), a global agricultural goods merchant and processor, has joined forces with bound4blue, a leader in wind-assisted propulsion systems, to incorporate cutting-edge eSAILs® on its chartered juice vessel, MV Atlantic Orchard. 

The collaboration, in association with Wisby Tankers AB, Sweden, is set to significantly impact reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption in the maritime industry.

Louis Dreyfus Company has opted for bound4blue’s innovative eSAIL® system, a suction sail-based wind-assisted propulsion technology. The project involves the installation of four 26-meter-high eSAILs® on MV Atlantic Orchard in 2024. 

This initiative aligns with LDC’s commitment to shaping a low-carbon economy and contributing to the global shipping industry’s transition to cleaner energy, as outlined in the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) target to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from the sector by 2050.

The decision to choose bound4blue’s technology got reinforcement from a comprehensive third-party assessment conducted by Lloyd’s Register, which identified the suction sails as the most promising solution among various options. 

The installation of eSAILs® is expected to result in a minimum 10% reduction in annual fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, depending on vessel routing.

José Miguel Bermúdez, CEO of bound4blue, expressed satisfaction with the collaboration, stating, “We’re pleased to announce our agreement with LDC to implement our eSAIL® system, demonstrating bound4blue’s ability to serve unique vessel types and affirming the maturity of our technology as a proven solution for fuel and emission reduction.”

Sébastien Landerretche, LDC’s Global Head of Freight, highlighted the company’s dedication to sustainability, stating, “Reflecting LDC’s commitment to helping shape a low-carbon economy, we are actively contributing to the global shipping industry energy transition journey.

The eSAIL® system, developed by bound4blue, leverages wind power to enhance propulsive efficiency, substantially reducing fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. The technology utilizes a thick aerodynamic profile and intelligent suction mechanisms to generate seven times more lift than an airplane wing.

The European Innovation Council (EIC) Acceleration Program co-funds this sustainable shipping project, further emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts in advancing maritime decarbonization solutions.

Earlier on, in July, LDC selected ZeroNorth to provide data-driven optimization services to improve vessel performance and reduce fuel consumption across LDC’s chartered fleet of approximately 200 vessels, which was another significant move towards promoting sustainability for the business.

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